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Stapleford Street Light Improvements

11th August 2015 Nottingham County Council Tags: , , , 0 Comments


Street Lamps are currently being changed in Stapleford over the next couple of months.

The “bulk clean and change process” involves changing all the lamps, cleaning the lanterns and checking that that light is working before moving on to the next.


To further improve lighting levels Nottinghamshire County Council have decided to upgrade the old high-pressure sodium (Orange SOX) lanterns with a white LED alternative.

The new LED lanterns will be dimmed between the hours of 10pm and 7am in order to produce further savings and prolong the life of the lanterns. 

Nottinghamshire County Council are aware there may be some concerns about them moving to LED lighting as the light can be seen as being a bit harsh when compared to the warm orange glow of the traditional lanterns, especially when it’s first changed over.

However, the white light gives exceptional colour definition and savings of between 45-60% in energy with further savings in carbon emissions, so they are much better for the environment. The LEDs are angled to only light public roads so will give less light interference to residents and light pollution to the night sky. 

The cost reduction of retrofitting existing lanterns with LED lamps on a typical residential road is as follows: 

Old 55W SOX Lamp £30.00 in energy use per year.

New 22W LED Lamp £9.50 in energy use per year.

By introducing these policy changes, Nottinghamshire County Council hope the energy saving project will save £1.5m off the energy bill by April 2017.


  1. Well overdue but are all the old Sodium lamps being replaced or will it be just whole streets or just the odd one as at present eg Pasture Rd has a variety of lamps and colours on a variety of columns of various ages, condition and in various positions on the pavement/roadside which creates a very poor overall lighting pattern

    • They seem to be doing whole streets at a time.

      • Yes they have done all of Kennedy Drive but have left an old style lamp on a new column installed 2 years ago so that one will stand out as a beacon on dark nights especially when on the dimmed phase

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