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Field Farm Stapleford

15th August 2015 Councillor Richard MacRae Tags: , , , , 0 Comments


Having spoken with Westerman Builders recently with regards a few issues over on Field Farm they have given me the following information to share.

The Hedge along Ilkeston Road opposite Mathews Court has been scheduled to be cut for the second week in September.

Westerman Builders have viewed the hedge personally and are happy that the cutting can wait until then. They also said that the path as you’ll be aware does not service any properties, and pedestrians have the option to use the other pavement.


Please be aware that the old farm building is deemed to be unsafe and has been repeatedly secured up in order to prevent un-authorised access and injury to un-authorised people accessing the property.


As I am sure you would agree, remote empty properties are far from a safe place for children to be playing. The local children seem keen to break in and demolish the farm house. I would be grateful for your support in reinforcing the risks involved in playing in the house, particularly to parents.


Field Farm is a still a great place to enjoy a nice walk.

Councillor Richard MacRae


  1. Jackie Smith 6 years Reply

    Has the spokesperson for Westermans tried crossing Ilkeston Road at that point during peak traffic times? It is an offence to obstruct the highway, which includes footpaths, enforceable by law. It is a public footpath, maintained by the council for all members of the public. It is not a private service road just for residents. Yet again a large company running roughshod over ordinary folk. Let’s hope the kids, dogs, adults walking in the road with oncoming traffic don’t get injured. As a qualified health and safety officer, I can definitely say that the danger posed by having to walk on the road due to Westermans failing to cut the hedge is very high. Is it a cost cutting exercise??

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