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White Hills Park Federation School Uniform Update.

11th September 2015 Help & Advice, Local Schools Tags: , 0 Comments

As  most of  you  will  know,  last  year  we decided  to introduce a  new  uniform from  2016.

Without  repeating  myself  too much,  there  are a number  of reasons  why  we feel  the  need  for this  change.  With  the  amount  and range of  lessons  that  take place  in cross-Federation groups,  it is  very  difficult, not to  mention  confusing  for students  and  staff, to  run  two  completely  different uniform  codes  side  by  side. 

We also feel  that  we have  fallen  out  of  step with  other schools,  and  our  uniforms  are not as  smart as  most others.

As  I have  written  before, the criteria for the  new  uniform  are as  follows:  
  Uniform  must be affordable  to  parents, and  the  basic  elements  must be easily  available to buy  from  more than one source;
  Uniform  must reflect the high expectations  we  have  of  students,  be smart and  encourage students  to  take pride  in themselves  and  their school;
  Uniform  must be practical  and  suitable to the demands  of  the modern curriculum  as  well  as  the  vagaries  of  the  British  weather;
  Uniform  must reflect our Federation  identity,  whilst keeping the individual  distinction  between  Schools.

As  I have  also  said,  the basic  style of  the  uniform  that  has  been agreed  by the  Directors’  Student  and  Community  Committee  will  incorporate  blazers and ties.

I  understand and respect the fact that  there  has  been a  range  of responses  from  students, staff  and parents  –  a majority  in favour of  the change, some opposed, most recognising that  the change to a  more consistent  approach  is  sensible.  

We are now  at  the  design  and  planning  stage,  and  want to  make sure that our  students  have an  input  into  this  process.

One  way  we  will  do  this  is  by having a  ‘Design  a Tie’  competition. 

All  students  are  encouraged  to  enter and  our  winner  will  be  able  to  see  their  design  in  place  on  every  student from  next  year.

I  will  talk  to  students  in  Assembly  over the  next  week  or so, and competition  forms  will  be  available from  Reception and on  the  School websites.

The  new  uniform  will  not come into  force until  September 2016. 

Over the next  year,  we  will  have  some transitional  arrangements  so that  parents  do not have to  buy  the  current  uniform  for the  sake of  a  few  weeks  or  months and  we  will  also have transitional  arrangements  for next  year’s  Year  11.

We are in discussions  with  suppliers  to  make sure there is  excellent availability,  both  in shops  and  online,  and that  most of  the  elements  can  be bought  from  non-specialist  shops.

Until  then,  we  will  continue  with the current system  and continue to  expect our students  to  wear their  uniform with  pride and  respect.

I understand  that  school  uniform  is  only  a  small  element of  school  life. However,  it should reflect the  high  value  we  place on  our  schools  and  students.   I hope that  these changes  will  achieve this.

Paul  Heery, Executive Headteacher

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