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More than 100 residents give views on controversial plans to build 450 new homes in Stapleford

15th September 2015 Nottingham Evening Post, Washington Drive Community Centre Tags: , , 2 Comments


MORE than 100 residents attended a public consultation meeting to air their views over plans for 450 new homes to be built on green belt land in Stapleford.

Westerman Homes, in Chilwell, was granted outline planning permission by Broxtowe Borough Council for the development at Field Farm, off Ilkeston Road, in November.

Westerman, along with Cedra Planning held two drop-in events on Tuesday to discuss their proposals and hear the views of residents. The first took place at Washington Drive Community Centre and the second at the old council chambers at Beeston Town Hall.

Residents had the opportunity to see plans for the first phase of the development – 119 houses – and what they will look like.

Harold Dexter, 81, from near Ilkeston Road in Stapleford, said: “I live right opposite where the development is going to be built.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stop it. It is not something we really want but these developments are being built all over the place nowadays.

“I feel better about things now I have seen more detailed plans. It is better than what I thought it would be.”

Initially, residents’ main concerns centred around what will happen to a wildlife corridor on the site and plans for traffic handling.

Plans on display at both meetings read: “Plans maintain high quality native planting, trees and hedgerows.

“More importantly, this will enhance and maintain the ecology route for wildlife.”

Further proposals showed improvements will be made to highways in Trowell Road and Ilkeston Road – including three pedestrian crosses.

Eileen Dexter, from Ilkeston Road, was at the consultation meeting with her husband, Ted. She said: “This is not something we particularly wanted in the first place. There have been so many people against it right from the start but what can you do?

“To be fair to the developers though it does look this will be as good as it can be.

“We’re disappointed of course because right now our house looks out onto the fields but soon there will be houses. We are pleased they are keeping the hedgerows though.”

These plans follow a previous planning decision being called in by Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, due to concerns over the use of green belt land.

A spokesman for Westerman Homes told the Post they had received ‘a lot of positive feedback’ at both meetings.

By Nottingham Post


  1. Jackie Smith 6 years Reply

    I don’t know what meeting these people went to. I heard nothing but objections to it. My husband and I went separately to both venues and received conflicting replies to the same questions. The designs were not a final plan and so how can anybody expect residents to express any comments when only a quarter of the final plan is revealed to them. There was nothing that showed how the extra amount of traffic on Ilkeston Road is to be catered for. There was nothing to show how the high level of the water table would be reduced. The flood ponds on the plan only empty into the existing brook which then empties onto Trowel Park Estate. This estate’s drainage relies on 24/7 pumping of excess water to stop it from flooding. This build will only make it worse. There were 12 flats we were shown in phase 1 and we were given no details as to where the rest of the one bedroom flats were going. Westermans need to provide full plans for the whole site if they want to gauge the true feelings of residents

  2. Nathalie Morelle 6 years Reply

    “This will enhance and maintain the ecology route for wildlife”??? Don’t take their word for it, as soon as one house will be built beyond the old farmhouse, the ecological corridor between Stapleford Hills and Pit Lane/Nottingham Canal will be irremediably damaged. We need indeed to look at the whole picture.

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