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Comments Wanted On Field Farm.

17th September 2015 Stapleford & Trowell Rural Action Group (STRAG) Tags: , , , 1 Comment


Dear Friends of Field Farm

I hope that you had enough notice and were able to attend this Tuesday’s consultation organised by Cerda Planning on behalf of Westerman regarding the proposed development on Field Farm. Attendance was fair at Washington Drive Community Centre (given the late notice) and very good in Beeston. This is all very encouraging to know that people care about what is being proposed. If you haven’t had the chance to visit, or want to have a second look, you can view all displays at

The report in the Nottingham Post gives the impression that the public has been convinced by the design ( We at STRAG certainly don’t think so, and we need as many residents as possible to give their views. We think that the affirmation that the development will “enhance and maintain the ecology (sic) route for wildlife” is fallacious. Our alternative proposal about saving the north-eastern part of the site has not been considered at all (see the proposed masterplan attached) – in fact the planning consultants had just vaguely heard of it and have been mandated to simply go ahead with the previous plan. The developers intend to work in phases and to submit a detailed application for Phase 1 (corner of Ilkeston Road and Trowell/Stapleford Road) in approx. 2 months. Once this is built, there won’t be any flexibility left to work with higher densities in order to reduce the sprawl.

Please do send your comments to both Westermans at and Cerda Planning at The questions asked by the planners are listed below.  We would be really grateful if you could share your feedback with us copying us into your email (  This will enable us to evaluate and understand better what public feeling is and send our own replies accordingly. Please make sure you put Field Farm, Stapleford in the subject  box.

Westerman and Cerda Planning Feedback Sheet:

1) What are your first impressions of the proposed development?

1 – Like a lot / 2- Like / 3- Neutral / 4- Don’t like / 5 – Don’t like a lot

2) What do you like most about the proposals?

3) Is there anything you don’t like about the proposals?

4) Do you have any comments on the Layout, Scale, Appearance or Landscaping propose?

5) Do you think our consultation with you has been helpful?  Yes / No

Note – They wish to know (optional) your name, address and postcode and also if you are –

Local resident, An Elected Member, Business person, Other interested person.



We very much look forward to receiving your feedback. Westerman’s deadline is 29th September, but if you could please send it to us no later than the evening of 23rd September, that would be great.

Thank you for your continued support. Kind regards,

Zoe Cockcroft


Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group (STRAG)

1 Comment

  1. brian leek 6 years Reply

    field farm will be a disaster traffic schools public transport. need for housing yet no affordable housing.Field farm is a pleasure to walk round I all so think it will have aa impact on the hemlock stone

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