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GP practice merger and £800,000 extension to create super surgery in Stapleford

5th March 2016 Local Businesses, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , , , , 0 Comments


Patients in Stapleford and Toton will have access to more clinicians and better facilities after a GP announced plans for a £800,000 surgery revamp.

Dr John Doddy is forking out around £300,000 and NHS England are providing £500,000 to increase the size and capacity of the Hickings Lane Medical Centre, in North Stapleford.

The ambitious plans will see Bramcote Surgery merge with the centre as well as providing enough GP cover for the thousands of patients expected to arrive with new developments at Fields Farm, near Stapleford, and Toton.

Dr Doddy told the Post the surgery was “moving with the times to deal with the requirement locally” and had already gone from 500 patients to 4,000 but would soon be able to cope with up to 10,000.

He said: “Because of the change of the demographics in Stapleford we are progressing. When I set up in 1996 there was no substantial building in the area since then but we have Fields Farm and there’s one thousand new people coming in there and we’ve also had approval at Toton for 500 houses at the top there. So within one swoop you’ve suddenly got thousands of potential increases in populations at the same time as doctors are retracting because the smaller units just cant cope with modern demands. You need to be bigger and t have more doctors.”

The development will feature a 190m squared extension to the current building – with all of that space made up of five clinical suites for doctors to see patients.

There will be five doctors available and Dr Doddy is expecting to be able to open at some points during weekends to increase availability of appointments.

He said: “This is specifically designed to allow us to cope with an increasing population – we’ve got the new consulting rooms, we can have more clinicians on site at any one time and once you’ve got more clinicians we can look at opening on Saturday mornings.”

Work begins today and is expected to run until July 15 and Dr Doddy is hoping to be able to bring training doctors to the site to help attract them to become a GP whether there or elsewhere – with 60 per cent of GP training places in the East Midlands going unfilled.

Martin Plackett, who lives in Bramcote is a member of the surgery’s patient participation group and has been a patient for five years. He said: “For me as a patient representative it’s absolutely excellent news. What John is doing builds on what is already an excellent service that they provide there and the building will become a real 21st century facility. I’m confident it will encourage newly qualified doctors to come to the practice too. People love the surgery and they do seem very happy. Everything comes from the top but even the receptionists are exceptional.”

And local councillor Richard MacRae said: “Hickings Lane medical centre is the beating heart of North Stapleford , and a great benefit to a deprived area.”

Last year, doctors in Nottingham criticised Government plans for a seven-day NHS as “unworkable”.

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to give patients access to hospital consultants, state of the art equipment and GP services for extended hours during weekdays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

But city doctors and health leaders say there is already a crisis in GP and nurse recruitment locally, and the changes would see quality of care decrease unless more cash is found.

Peter Holden, chair of the British Medical Association in the East Midlands, said doctors are not even listening to Mr Cameron’s plans because they are so “unrealistic”.

He said: “There are already consultants working seven days a week and GP services are available.

“But, if the Prime Minister wants a full service, seven days a week, he is going to have to increase funding by 40 per cent.

Carlton GP Ian Campbell warned that the plans would result in more convenience for patients but a lower quality of care.

He said: “It makes sense to extend general practice service across weekends and into evenings. We’ve got the buildings and facilities and we should use them more effectively, but the reality is we don’t have the staff to do it.”

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