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Update On The Stapleford Planters At The Roach Area.

6th March 2016 Broxtowe Borough Council, Local Businesses, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , , , , , , , , , 1 Comment

A quick update on the Planters at The Roach area of Stapleford.

For many years the Planters were being looked after by a local Stapleford group who didn’t do anything with them, the same group were also responsible for the Planters at the top of Bessell Lane.

As you can see the Planters were very overgrown and blocked the view coming out of Eatons Road onto Toton Lane.

These Planters were cleared away by Broxtowe Borough Council and Stapleford Community Group tidied up the area and new plants were put in place as well as two concrete features.

You can see a few pictures of the difference the hard work made.

Now we have been told that as part of the proposals to Maycliffe Hall and the Old Police Station that this area may possibly be included in the improvements to the area.

We didn’t think it was right to spend more money on the Planters until we know what the final plans are for the area, we didn’t want to waste money which could possibly be used on other things and we are sure many of you would agree with this.

Now as this has taken a bit longer than we expected the area does not look brilliant at the minute, but at the same time it is no where as bad as it was before and this keyboard warrior didn’t feel the need to complain then.

Once we find out what the proposals are and if the Planters are not included in them then we will be back to sort them out.

We have been approached by both staff and customers of Larrys Bar who are very happy to make it a joint project and help tidy the area up and make it a nice place once again. They have some proposals we are waiting to see.

We just wanted to give a quick update on the Stapleford Planters and let you know we have not forgot about them.

If anyone would like to contact us direct then please either call us on 07740344427 or email as it is a lot easier to ask us whats happening that try and cause trouble on social media by hiding behind a false profile.

The Planters at the top of Bessell Lane and the Planters on Antill Street in Stapleford are both in desperate need of sorting out too, Councillors John McGrath, Ray Darby and Richard MacRae have asked several times of both Nottinghamshire County Council and Broxtowe Borough Council to sort these two areas out, as yet nothing has been done.



1 Comment

  1. Ann R Parker 6 years Reply

    Good work! There are several gardening groups in stapleford., wouldn’t; one o f these be interested.?
    If it’s just a matter of brightening up the Roach boxes couldn;t you sprinkle some seeds for the summer. Or buy a few plants from Hyper just along the road from there?

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