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Update On Nottinghamshire County Council Recycle Centre

17th March 2016 Help & Advice, Nottingham County Council Tags: , , , 2 Comments

Following lots of requests for information with regards the local Council Recycle Centre, we contact Nottinghamshire County Council for an update. 

We asked Nottinghamshire County Council if it is true that people need to register their Vehicles to be able to use the local tips and you can find the reply below.

This is correct – you can find some information on the scheme here:

We are also finalising an information leaflet that we plan to give out to the public as of next week. This will contain all the information that everyone needs to know on how the scheme will work and be implemented. We will send you a version (hopefully this afternoon) when it is finished.

We then had a further update, which includes the information leaflet they promised.

I’ve attached two documents – a briefing note that was sent to councils and a copy of our information leaflet.

Residents will need to complete an online form at, which will be live from Monday 21st March.

We appreciate your help in circulating the message.



This was agreed as part of the recent budget review.

Research has found that non-Nottinghamshire residents often use our tips, which in turn costs us more money in waste disposal. By limiting the usage to just our own residents then we estimate to save around £200,000 a year.

When registering, you no longer need to provide any details of a V5 document.

People with a disability or hire car can complete the registration process exactly the same as those who own their own car, with no extra information needed.


  1. Ali Willcox 6 years Reply

    What about hire vehicles, courtesy cars from garages, visiting friends and relatives? You haven’t thought this one through.

    • Trusted Web Design 6 years Reply

      We have asked the very same question and are awaiting a reply.

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