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Weʼre raising £5,000 to get our boy some wheels

21st March 2016 Help & Advice Tags: , , 0 Comments

Everyone has issues, problems, pain, stress and worries. We are no different. We have two wonderful children who are bright, happy, loving and who we are so very proud of.


Our youngest son has cerebral palsy. After numerous small and big operations, he can use a frame and sticks to walk and has tried his up most to cope without a wheel chair.

Secondary school is looming and this is where we need your help. He needs a wheel chair that allows him to use his energy to learn. Independence is vital and reluctantly we are having to get him an electric wheelchair.

Like all young children he wants to look cool and as unnoticeable as possible. He needs to be able to pull chicks in this thing!!

They are not cheap hence why we are asking if anyone is fundraising and feels like this is a good cause Reid would benefit immediatelyand immensely.

It’s hard asking for help, money and support but we have to put that a side and put Reid first. We want to get him the best available to make his life easier as it is only going to get harder.

Enough of the begging

But please if you can that would be great xxx

Jaime Louise Radburn


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