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It’s Here – Our New School Uniform!

24th March 2016 Help & Advice, Local Schools Tags: , , 5 Comments

This week, we were delighted to receive the first samples of our new school uniform.

Following a great deal of planning, discussion and consultation, we have finalised the designs of the blazers and ties. The blazers will all carry the new Federation logo, and there is an individual design for ties and knitwear for each school.

Many congratulations go to Charleigh Hopewell from The Bramcote School, who provided the successful original design for the logo, and to Sasha Hylton from Alderman White School, who proposed the design of the ties. In both cases, they successfully used our existing logo and colours to produce an original and professional looking design. I am sure that both girls have a big future ahead of them in the field of design and creative arts.

As you know, we have always wanted to make the new school uniform available at a reasonable cost, whilst maintaining quality. The cost of the blazer will be £29.99 for sizes up to 38” chest, and £34.99 for sizes 38” and above. The ties are clip-on and cost £7 each. They will be worn with a white shirt or blouse, and black trousers or skirts, and black school shoes. Although parents will obviously use a range of retailers for these elements of the uniform, they should conform to the school uniform expectations. Full details of the new school uniform will be available on our websites early in the Summer term.

Your son or daughter will receive a letter to let you know that next week our main uniform suppliers will be in school to fit students for blazers – this will inform you about the correct size and enable them to make sure there is plenty of stock available. They will then come into school for sales events in the Summer term, when uniforms can be tried on and purchased – details will follow after Easter.

Finally, thank you for your support with this. Our aim is to have a school uniform that is smart, practical and helps us all to demonstrate the enormous pride that we have in our schools and our students.

Paul Heery, Executive Headteacher



  1. Jaye farmsworth 6 years Reply

    I dont see the point in getting my daughter a blazer as she will be in year 11 in september , 29-35 pounds is a lot for one year

    • ethan 6 years Reply

      you know you don’t have to jay

    • Ellen 6 years Reply

      You don’t have to buy them for year 11s Jaye.

  2. John Smith 6 years Reply

    Original logo? Looks very similar to George Spencer’s to me!

  3. James.S 6 years Reply

    Honestly I do not see the point in this, the uniform is fine as it is and will not improve behaviour or anything like that, Its Stupid.

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