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BREAKING NEWS: Could Central College Be Pulling Out Of The Arthur Mee Centre In Stapleford ?

29th March 2016 Councillor Richard MacRae, Latest News Tags: , , 4 Comments

The Arthur Mee Centre in Stapleford is currently occupied by Central College, but could this be about to change? 

Current rumours are that Central College are going to leave the Stapleford site.

Councillor Richard MacRae contacted Central College and asked them if there is a possibility of them leaving and you can find the reply from them below.

“You will have heard about our ambitions for a new Skills Hub campus in the city centre. We’re working on plans for this at the moment and undoubtedly, in order to make this a reality, we will be disposing of old and outdated campus buildings, ensuring that we only keep and continue to invest in buildings that meet our current and future needs and that are economical to run. Therefore over time we do expect that some of our existing buildings will close in order to make way for the Skills Hub but we’re someway off this yet.”

The Stapleford Councillor said:

“It would be a shame if this does happen as it would then leave the building empty and I fear for the future of this historic building”

“The Students and Staff who use The Arthur Mee Centre also spend money in the shops in Stapleford, it would be a sad day if Central College pull out of Stapleford”

Central College also said:

“We don’t have any information on specific site closures at the moment.”

We are keeping a close eye on this and if we receive any further information we will of course let you know.


  1. Ann R Parker 6 years Reply

    should we be thinking of how to use it before the crunch comes and we then have to waste 2+ years deciding? A college with a local focus could be ideal

  2. Jean Mosley 6 years Reply

    Awwee dont let my old school become deritict we still have our school reunions at a church hall and meet up with friends

  3. Lorraine Clay 6 years Reply

    As this site is mainly used for Students with Special Needs it is imperative that this site reMAINS open. One of the main aims of these courses is to teach the students to become independent, which they are able to do by accessing the shape in the local community. How do the powers that be expect the students to cope in the busy town centre.

  4. Lil sumpton 3 years Reply

    I would be happy if this College closed down because I wasn’t keen on it when I went students would miss about a lot of the time and students would cause drama all the time it would do my head in I would actually cry myself to sleep because didn’t like it that’s just my opinion and experience

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