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1360 Is Recruiting.

2nd April 2016 1360 Squadron. Stapleford & Sandiacre. 1360 Squadron Tags: 0 Comments

1360 is recruiting!

The next recruit intake date is the 18th of April so if you are aged between 12 (in Year 8) and 16 why not ring the squadron (find the number on our Facebook page or at ) and put your name down to come and find out more?

We offer a wide range of activities on a nightly basis, and we can fill lots of your weekends too with camps and visits, not to mention the chance to make lots of new friends!

1360 Squadron is also looking for new staff members alongside this new cadet recruitment.

If you have some spare time, think you have skills to offer or would like to develop yourself- in a uniformed or non-uniformed capacity then again please contact the squadron and see what options are available.

The Civilian Committee is also looking for members, as they provide vital help with fundraising so if you have some time spare to help out please get in touch!

The commitment for the committee is one night a month for a meeting and then support on some weekend events throughout the year.

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