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6th May 2016 Help & Advice, Stapleford Community Group 4 Comments

Unfortunately we have been receiving what appears to be spam comments posted to our website, from now on we are having to implement the following rules for anyone wishing to leave a comment on this site. 

When commenting, the display name which you provide should consist of your first name and surname, one of which can be represented by an initial.

Examples of acceptable user names: John Smith, J Smith, John S

Examples of unacceptable user names:John, Mr Smith, JS

We do not allow comments which are left anonymously, or which use pseudonyms, nicknames or false names, or which attempt to impersonate the identities of others.

A valid, working e-mail address must also be provided. This will not be published, and it will not be revealed to anyone.

All submitted comments and posts will be held for moderation, and will only appear once they have been approved.

Please do not include personal details about other people, such as names and addresses or even Street names. 

Disclaimer: Comments left on this site are the personal opinions of the comment writers only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the website.


  1. Anne R 5 years Reply

    On a different topic, do you have information on what’s happening at Maycliffe Hall? I see it was demolished today. Is it being built on?

  2. Ben frost 2 years Reply

    We need a new skatepark! The one we have now is falling to bits and some parts of it are dangerous.
    If it was completely knocked down and re-built with a new design it would bring more people than the park at football court combined.
    If their was a new skatepark to be built it would be good to ask the people that use it to help give some design ideas.
    It most likely will not happen but as the users of it we think it would be a great idea.

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