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Fireworks at Swancar Farm Country House 

15th May 2016 Latest News, Local Businesses, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 6 Comments

Swancarr Farm Country House have agreed that in the future any planned Firework Displays will be advertised in advance.
A display took place on Saturday 14th May 2016 which was the ending to a Wedding Reception. 

To help people be aware of future displays a notification will be posted on Swancarr Farm Country House Facebook Page and also on the Swancarr Farm Country House Website

Please remember to press the ‘Like’ button on Facebook to be kept informed and updated. You can then share these for any future planned updates.  

The Manager of Swancar Farm Country House has apologised to anyone who was upset about the Fireworks last night. 

Now any future events people will be aware of in advance and can be prepared and also come out an enjoy too.  It’s not often you get to enjoy a free Fireworks Display.  


  1. Jackie Smith 5 years Reply

    I am surprised they got permission. The hemlock stone happening has strict rules over the noise and times of fireworks. These were totally surpassed by this venue and was very frightening. Rather than being notified I think it ought to be banned at that time of night and that noise level. Many complaints have been made. My friend in the Stapleford Town Centre said her dustbins were rattling. No thought for anyone in the area at all

  2. Anne R 5 years Reply

    I live close to The Old Mill Club, and the fireworks were SO loud I thought that’s where they were coming from. Never dreamed it was from so far away.

  3. Debbie Pickard 5 years Reply

    If this is the display we saw last night, it was absolutely brilliant! This was around 9pm and went on for some time. It was lovely to see. Congratulations to the happy couple. What a great way to celebrate their marriage!

  4. Brenda Smith 5 years Reply

    If Swancar Farm Country House think it’s ok to just put a post on Facebook to tell everyone that they’re going to ruin yours and hundreds of other peoples evening then they had better think again. It is NOT acceptable to subject us to this level of inconvenience. It may be legal but that most definitely doesn’t make it ‘ok’!!

  5. Craig Fisher 5 years Reply

    It was ridiculous how loud they were last night we live a short distance from Bramcote park and the house was shaking with the bangs. It woke my daughter who was scared and also frightened my cats. I don’t think it’s acceptable that we get a notification. I think there should be a time restriction on when they can do it if at all. Don’t get me wrong they are very pretty but the noise is the big issue here.

  6. Susan Williams 5 years Reply

    Why do we need to like their facebook page to find out the dates. It was totally over the top, any further firework displays should be posted through the local papers, on posters etc . Maybe even inform the local councils in advance with a list of dates. They have a list of bookings for weddings , so why not let the area know in advance. Then maybe we could get our animals sedated, though being indoors was not a help as they sounded like they were in the house.

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