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Tonights Meeting Regards Parking On Pasture Road, Stapleford 

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Earlier this evening a community meeting took place at The Pastures Community Church to discuss parking concerns on Pasture Road, Stapleford.

Firstly we would like to thank The Pastures Community Church for allowing us to hold the meeting at there building. 

The meeting was Chaired by PCSO Andy Freeman, Nottinghamshire County Councillor Stan Heptinstall and Stapleford Borough/Town Councillor Richard MacRae. They were also joined by Stapleford Borough/Town Councillor Ray Darby. 

Residents and business owners alike had been invited to attend tonight to discuss various concerns raised about the parking on Pasture Road. 

It was agreed by both sides that there are serious problems and it was good to hear people talking together to try and come up with something that could help resolve these issues. 

It was agreed that the problems and ideas would now be sent on to Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Department and a further meeting would take place at a later date. 

Some of the ideas raised were:

Residents Parking Permits. 

Removal of Grass Verges To Create Extra Off Street Parking. 

Single/Double Yellow Lines Along The Side Of The Businesses. (But To Include Timed Parking Bays). 

The Need For A Pedestrian Crossing ( This Idea Was Already Passed To Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Department).

No Parking In Front Of Gates Signs. 

The Removal Of the School Sign. 

Residents also asked to find out if NAV had Planning Permission for all the Signs at the front of the business as they clearly are blocking the view leaving one residents House. 

It was also mentioned by Councillors Ray Darby and Richard MacRae that Stapleford Town Council have previously been asked to contact Nottinghamshire County Council and request parking restrictions are placed outside and either side of the entrance to the Albany Allotment site. This would make a huge difference to those who use the Allotments. 

The meeting was a great success and all left after agreement was made to try and work together to help reach other. 

Thanks to the business owners who came along to talk to the residents and the residents for coming to talk about the concerns they had. 

Thanks to Councillor Richard MacRae for organising the meeting and to PCSO Andy Freeman and Councilor Stan Heptinstall for attending too. 

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