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Update On Parking On Pasture Road.

23rd May 2016 Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard MacRae, Dig-in Community Allotment, Local Businesses, Nottingham County Council, Stapleford Town Council, The Pastures Community Church Tags: , , , , , 2 Comments

Firstly thank you to County Councillor Stan Heptinstall who kindly organised a meeting on Pasture Road, Stapleford earlier this morning. 

The meeting was between Councillor Stan Heptinstall, a Highways Officer from Nottinghamshire County Council and Councillor Richard MacRae. 

The three of them met at Pasture Road to look at any possible solutions to help both the residents and businesses where they all agree over the issues faced with parking along the stretch of Pasture Road.

This was a follow up to the meeting held at The Pastures Community Church last week.

The three of them spoke to a resident and a business owner to get a different perspective.

The Highways Officer has agreed to take some ideas away and see what can possibly be done. Please note that nothing what so ever has been agreed upon its all ideas at the minute. 

The Officer has agreed to look at the possibility of having the Bus Shelter moved back a few feet which is outside the Albany Allotments. Also look at the possibility of having some kind of road markings outside the Albany Allotments to stop vehicles parking so close which was agreed by all is making it hard to see oncoming traffic as pulling out of the Allotments.

The Officer also agreed to look into the possibility of turning some of the grassed verges into some kind of off street parking, again these are just ideas at the moment.

It was again agreed that a future meeting will take place once more details are available and again both residents along the stretch of road and businesses will be invited along to discuss any ideas that could become a reality.
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  1. Joe S 5 years Reply

    Won’t moving the bus stop cause more problems for traffic pulling out of Moorbridge Lane at Peak times.

    • staplefordcommunitygroup 5 years Reply

      Moving the Bus Stop back a bit more from Road, not moving it along the actual Road at all. It would still be in the same location but moving it back if possible would give a better view up the Road to those leaving the Allotments.

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