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Is This The Worst Example Of Parking Outside A Nottinghamshire School?

22nd June 2016 Councillor Richard MacRae, Local Schools, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , , , 0 Comments

Parking outside school

A mother of four says she is sick of people parking dangerously during the school run and warns the problem is only getting worse.

Eve Bennett has started to document the problem outside Wadsworth Fields Primary School in Stapleford.

The 37-year-old, of Beeston, said: “The parking on Ewe Lamb Lane and Wadsworth Road is getting a joke because people park so far on the pavement that you can’t walk past or get by with a pushchair. I don’t understand why don’t people think about others.

“It is getting worse and it is just laziness because some parents try to park as close to the school gate as possible.

“There is double parking and people still pull up on the pavement.

“It happens on both sides of the road and it is especially bad outside the ambulance station. I’ve seen a car park in the ambulance driveway because people can’t be bothered to park a further five minutes away.

“Just last week a child nearly got knocked over and the car only missed the child by a few inches.”


The school has said it is doing all it can to tackle the problem.

Co-head teacher Lynn Corner-Brown said: “Parking near school causes concern not only for the safety of our pupils but can obstruct access for our neighbours.

“The safety of our pupils is paramount and as such we have displayed signs outside the school requesting parents to park considerately and we frequently put reminders out in texts and weekly newsletters.

“Previously our schools liaison officer would also carry out unannounced patrols, unfortunately this role no longer exists.

“The majority of our parents do park considerately or walk their children to school and we would welcome any local authority parking review.”

Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae has had complaints about the problem before.

He said: “The parking near the school entrance on Ewe Lamb Lane is bad down to inconsiderate parking as people want to get as close to the school as possible.

“I am sure some people would park on the playground if they could get the vehicles on. It doesn’t help the fact that the hedge along the Allotments is taking up over half of the pavement too.

“This is a bad problem year after year as it is never cut right back to the fence inside the hedge.

“But more consideration from people picking up the children is definitely needed.”

Nottinghamshire County Council recently sent a surveillance car to the school.

The council’s traffic manager Peter Goode said: “We appreciate that parents and others parking close to schools often park inconsiderately and at times show little regard for the needs of other road users including pedestrians.

“One part of addressing these concerns has been to ensure that the school ‘keep clear’ markings are enforceable. It is a contravention to stop on these markings and the CCTV camera car is being used to enforce this aspect.

“The car was not in the school’s area last week. However, it did visit Wadsworth Fields on Tuesday when no contraventions were identified.

“Anyone identified by the cameras as committing a contravention will receive a Penalty Charge Notice. However, general inconsiderate parking, where there is no formal restriction, cannot be enforced by camera. Enforcement officers will continue to be deployed to address other contraventions on other types of restrictions and we will continue to work with schools and to issue warnings for inconsiderate parking.”


By Dan Russell, Nottingham Post

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