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Put The Proposed Pedestrian Crossing on Hickings Lane In The Correct Location.

24th June 2016 Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice Tags: , , 0 Comments


A new PEDESTRIAN CROSSING has been agreed to be situated on Hickings Lane, Stapleford in conjunction with the Retirement Living Accommodation which was given planning permission by the Planning Committee at Broxtowe Borough Council.


Planning Officers at Broxtowe Borough Council are proposing the new PEDESTRIAN CROSSING be situated next to a very busy entrance to the local shops. This is a very busy location with Cars and Delivery Lorries going in and out of the site, putting a crossing near this location is not the most suitable site.This was also agreed by members of the Planning Committee at a recent meeting.

What we are signing this petition for is to ask that the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING be situated between the junctions of Washington Drive and Ewe Lamb Lane, Stapleford.

This is a much better location and would be used by more people from throughout the local area.

Situating the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING between Washington Drive and Ewe Lamb Lane will enable people who cross to use the two Bus Stops and also have safer access to the New Stapleford Community Centre, it will still allow easy access to get to and from the local shops, it is also the way people go to and from two local Schools. IT IS THE BETTER OPTION.

Both Councillors John McGrath and Richard MacRae visited the site yesterday, have spoke to many people who live in the direct area near the area and are in full agreement that the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING should be situated between Washington Drive and Ewe Lamb Lane, Stapleford.

This Petition will be copied over to our County Councillors Stan Heptinstall and Jacky Williams and also the other Stapleford North Ward Councillors asking them for full support in asking the Planning Officers at Broxtowe Borough Council to makes sure the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING goes between Washington Drive and Ewe Lamb Lane, Stapleford.

We are also asking that you email the Planning Officers at and support this.


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