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Stapleford Aldi Store Update By Councillor Richard MacRae.

26th July 2016 Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice, Local Businesses Tags: , 6 Comments

Having received lots of emails/calls from people regarding the Stapleford Aldi Store I contacted them directly. 

Please find below the response I have just recover when I asked my contact if there was any news on an opening date. 

Dear Cllr MacRae,

Thank you again for your continued interest in the Stapleford store. This is how things stand. The Planning Committee added a condition when the store was approved to the effect
that the store cannot open until the housing adjacent development has been completed.

Aldi is therefore not able to progress the design or construction of the store further until the housing land has been sold to a developer, who has secured detailed planning
permission and developed the houses. Aldi is currently in discussions in an attempt to sell that land, but I am sure that you will understand that, at the moment, that condition imposed by the Committee is holding up the development.

I hope that makes sense.

Best wishes,


  1. Anne R 5 years Reply

    Well at least we know now. Thanks for obtaining an update. Disappointing but understandably out of Aldi’s control.

  2. Simon H 5 years Reply

    Ridiculous condition to impose in the first instance. Unnecessary given the existing developmens in progress and to come. Designed purely to delay the opening of this much needed local amenity. Let’s hope a developer can be found quickly and long before Aldi become impatient and change their plans.

  3. Wendy F 5 years Reply

    What sort of a condition is that!! The community voted unanimously for the new store not more houses. So depending on how long this takes we may end up with new houses and no store if Aldi loose their patience. Absolutely ridiculous surely something can be done to move this on?

  4. Cherrie peabody 5 years Reply

    Why is it that anything we want for Stapleford is blocked, delayed, or ignored.
    We get nothing we want from our authority, seems they always do opposite to the residents requests.
    Shame on them they should allow Aldi to get on with the much needed store !!!

  5. Steve Y 5 years Reply

    Ridiculous ,,,,could take years anywhere else there built in six monhts

  6. cherrie peabody 5 years Reply

    Is there anything we can do to get this changed??
    The co-op didn’t seen to have any trouble getting their new shop built on Hickings Lane? and they tried to stop Aldi having permission at all !!
    Is there any new about the ‘Best One’ opening in Central Avenue? or have they got restrictions too?
    Makes you think doesn’t it.

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