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Source of ‘nasty smell’ in Nottinghamshire towns still not found

1st August 2016 Councillor Richard MacRae, Latest News, Local Businesses, Nottingham Evening Post, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , , , 3 Comments

Trowell pictured from the train bridge

After a third day of searching, the source of the “nasty smell” in the air in two Nottinghamshire towns has still not been found.

The Environment Agency has sent officers out for the third day after receiving numerous phone calls from residents in Stapleford and Trowell about the pong over the weekend.

A spokeswoman said “localised odours have been identified” but that the source of the smell is yet to be found.

But the agency ruled out local waste and recycling centre Castle Environmental, based in Ilkeston, as the source of the smell.

Residents had complained about the odour, described as a “sickly chemical smell”, which some said had been giving them headaches.

Stapleford Community Group has asked residents affected to contact he Environment Agency to report what it called a “nasty smell in the air”.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “The Environment Agency received a number of calls over the weekend from residents living in the Trowell/Stapleford area of Nottinghamshire, relating to an odour.

“Officers have met with residents today and continue to further investigate possible sources of the smell. Localised odours have been identified, which we will now follow up with the sites that we regulate.

“We can also confirm through the work undertaken by Environment Agency staff that Castle Environmental are not the source of the smell.”

You can report odours or other environmental issues free on the 24 hour incident hotline; 0800 80 70 60.

By Ben Ireland, Nottingham Post


  1. Laura Simpson 5 years Reply

    I don’t know what the Environment Agency are playing at but the smell has got to be Castle Environmetal, I know it’s been an issue for some time and Councillor Ken Rigby was trying to liaise with Castle Environmetal about it. Funny how this smell never happened before Castle Environmental existed. Come on Environment Agency, sort yourselves out and deal with the stink!

  2. Mrs Diane Mason 5 years Reply

    I have rung the Environment Agency on many occasions to report the smell. An Environmental Officer came down on Saturday July 30th to investigate.
    The smell was very bad on Sunday so me and my husband went to investigate the source of the smell. We are convinced that it is coming from Stanton Recycling. We spoke to a couple of workmen at the site. Their clothes smelt of this obnoxious smell. It occurs when the compost heaps are turned over.

  3. IT 2 years Reply

    They know where it’s coming from -disgrace it’s jot being dealt with -risking people’s lives!

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