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Nurse slapped with parking fine – while she tended to collapsed woman just yards away

5th August 2016 Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottingham County Council, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , , 5 Comments

The crossing on Derby Road, Stapleford

Nurse Cherry Lane sprang into action when a pensioner collapsed on a busy shopping street – but was slapped with a parking fine by a warden just feet from where she was tending to the stricken woman.

The 28-year-old, who works at Queen’s Medical Centre, was driving along Derby Road, in Stapleford, towards Nottingham, when she saw the woman, whose head was partly on the road.

She wound the window down and told the woman’s daughter she was a nurse and asked if she could help before parking up on the zig zag lanes adjacent to the crossing, with her car partly on the kerb with her hazard lights on.

The incident drew a crowd, with members of the public fetching towels for the woman, who was conscious.

Cherry, of Stapleford – who is faced with a £35 fine if she pays within two weeks, rising to £70 payable within 28 days – said: “I checked the lady over and she was bleeding to the head.

“A couple of minutes later, a few people were shouting behind me that a parking attendant had put a penalty notice on my car. I was more concentrating on the lady. I’m just so angry. In case the lady stopped breathing, I just thought I needed to get out of the car as fast as I could.

She added: “I wasn’t blocking an entrance or the road. The traffic was moving. I told him that I was just helping this lady and a few passers-by had shouted at him.

“An ambulance came within 10 minutes and after the incident happened I saw the attendant and told him I wouldn’t be paying the fine. I rang Broxtowe Borough Council and the lady said the attendant was in his right as I was parked illegally.”

Ian Hartland, of Hartland NG9 butchers nearby, saw what happened.

He said: “I suppose in a way, she didn’t mean to stop there, she wanted to help the woman and that was her first reaction. She just wanted to do the best for the lady, not thinking about the consequences.”

Gareth Johnson, Enforcement Manager (Parking) for Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We recognise that Ms Lane had commendably stopped to assist with an emergency situation and we welcome that she has indicated that she is appealing against the case so we can look in detail at the circumstances. If Ms Lane does appeal, the case will be held whilst we investigate fully and we will respond directly to her.”

He added that the county council places a high priority on enforcing vehicles parked within pedestrian crossing areas, and zig-zag markings aim to keep an area clear to aid visibility.

By Tracy Walker, Nottingham Post



  1. Mr P King-Space 5 years Reply

    Parking attendants become parking attendants because they are either intoxicated by power or have no career prospects. They are little people with a little power and they always abuse it. If you take a look as these poor urchins they look like homeless bus conductors who sleep in their uniforms under a bridge. A minor annoyance to most of us, but very lonely people in the greater scheme of things.

  2. Brian Hall 5 years Reply

    To Gareth Johnson enforcement officer (Parking) for Nottingham County Council.

    The comments on here regarding this situation make me feel sick. Please could you all at Nottingham City Council get a life and live in the real world, what a disgusting situation you have let yourselfs into.

  3. Elaine B 5 years Reply

    She may have been parked illegally and I fully support the council in enforcing parking restrictions as zig zag
    Lines are there for a purpose, to ensure visibility for all traffic both vehicular, on two wheels and pedestrian.
    However common sense should have prevailed here. She is a nurse, not just a helpful member of the public, and it could have meant saving the woman’s life. I hope the council appeals process comes good and revokes the fine. If not perhaps an appeal could be but on here and local residents who support the nurse could all chip in £1 to pay it for her. I’m up for that.

  4. Fran Lou 5 years Reply

    Anyone in the health care profession with a pin number that has trained in nursing or to be to be doctor has to stop by law or you could lose you pin! Cherry was doing what she trained to do helping someone. I do not feel the parking attendant was justified in their actions and I hope she wins the appeal.

  5. John Spandli 5 years Reply

    The nurse that stopped deserved a medal not a fine. Idiots! Common sense? Have you heard of it?

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