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Stapleford Aldi Update From Councillor Richard MacRae

18th October 2016 Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice Tags: , 8 Comments

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Good evening all, I have today been contacted by a representative of Aldi who advised me that they will be submitting a De-Link Application to Broxtowe Borough Council with regards the current Planning Application which was agreed earlier this year.

The De-Link Application will be asking for the condition to build the 10 Houses to be separated from the application to then allow Aldi to get on with building the Store, then separately a developer can be found to build the required 10 Houses.

After speaking to the Planning Department at Broxtowe Borough Council I have been advised that if the application is submitted correctly as soon as possible then it could possibly be included on the Planning Committee Meeting at Broxtowe Borough Council on Wednesday 7th December.

As I am a member of the Planning Committee I can’t get into any debates or discussions about this application as it would jeopardise my opportunity to vote on this matter and of course I will also be declaring that I have been lobbied by a representative of Aldi at the said meeting. 

I have been contacted by so many people regards the Stapleford Aldi I just wanted to give you the update.


  1. cherrie peabody 5 years Reply

    Thanks Richard, well done.
    Hope your hard work pays off.

  2. Ann R 5 years Reply

    Thanks for the update. It’s good to know what’s happening, and that the project hasn’t been scrapped altogether, just being resubmitted on a different basis. With the closure of the Co-op there’s more need than ever for this store to be built soon.

  3. Debs G 5 years Reply

    Fingers crossed everything will progress smoothly now. We need Aldi now we are losing the Co op!

  4. Shannon C 5 years Reply

    Is there any jobs going at Aldi, if you could get back to me on ***********, that would be great

    • staplefordcommunitygroup 5 years Reply

      Once vacancies are available we will of course let people know and how to apply.

  5. Philip Jones 5 years Reply

    It is good that our local councillors are speaking up for Stapleford to stop this fiasco and get things moving. Both Broxtowe and Notts councils seem to have had it in for Stapleford for years.

    Nothing is left now, the traffic calming measures keep people out, shops have been abandoned and the whole place looks scruffy, desolated and overgrown. Even the part time library has to be staffed by volunteers and there seems to be no public toilets

    We now go to Kimberley and Eastwood and both are far nicer places to visit and shop in and its clear that they have not been deprived of investment as Stapleford has and both are thriving as Stapleford once did and have a range of shops and facilities that Stapleford should have.

    It is clear that Stapleford residents want something to be done for them and now but will Beeston allow it

  6. Diane Chambers 5 years Reply

    Thanks for the regular updates Richard.
    It is sad to see our once thriving town, desperately struggling as it is. The closure of the Co op is particularly sad.
    I hope things improve in the very near future.
    Im certain that the car parking restrictions have a big impact on the town. People don’t want the hassle of struggling to find a parking space, and /or having to pay for it too, or at least get a ticket and then have the pressure of avoiding a fine if back late.
    I could go on and on about it but won’t!
    Keep up the good work.

  7. S. Williams 5 years Reply

    I have stated before to get Aldi in to the coop, surely this is more needed and beneficial for the area than a pound shop???

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