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Update On Stapleford Post Office

20th October 2016 Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice, Local Businesses Tags: , , , 3 Comments

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The Public Consultation to move the Stapleford Post Office was discussed at Broxtowe Borough Council last night.

The Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard Jackson said:

Just as Beeston post Office move into W.H.Smith was completed we were informed that the Post Office now plans to move the Stapleford branch into ” Bargain Booze” shop. I have serious concerns about the suitability of the shop so we will consider a Council response in consultation with local members.

There are also concerns from Stapleford Councillors too.

Yesterday Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae said:

He was pleased the Post Office could be moving to a more central location, offering good parking and opening seven days a week, but described the choice of venue as “questionable”.

He is also urging people to join in the consultation, which runs until November 29.

You can share your views on the proposed move through our easy and convenient new online questionnaire via the link below.

When entering the site you will be asked to enter the code for this branch: 327227

Stapleford Councillor John McGrath said:

Last year myself and Councillor Richard MacRae along with Officers from Broxtowe Borough Council met with the Public Affairs Manager from the Post Office, we were all told that the current Post Master would not be carrying on with running the Post Office once his current contract with them ran out. You may recall they wanted to move he Post Office into The Chequers but that never happened. We discussed various locations and asked the Post Office to get back to us, unfortunately they never did. We now have concerns about the suitability of the Post Office being moved into a Beer Off and would also like to urge local residents to take time to fill out the Public Consultation.

Lots of comments have also been made by local residents including:

Absolutely ridiculous location for it. Well out of the way! From what I understand from reading the PO bumf, it will be Bargain Booze, with post office counter services, not an actual Post Office. It’s current location is ideal. Close to bus stops, the health centre and the library.

What are the reasons for moving? Cannot the current location be modernised? If it does move what happens to the old post office, it will just become another eyesore.

I’m concerned about it being in a booze shop..some vulnerable folk using the post office, have that temptation of buying booze & spending unnecessarily in front of them.

I don’t know why the post office can’t be an independent shop, why not move it to the side of Sainsbury’s, bet they’d get a good rent because Wilko are still paying it, it’d also be a good position and it fills an empty shop

Who knows we might get staff that smile! Or training on customer service!

Residents can also have their say by emailing or calling the customer helpline on 03457 22 33 44


  1. Jo Dunn 5 years Reply

    The Post Office consultation questions are exceedingly leading! They are designed to give them the response they want by restricting the options or slanting the question. think really carefully as you do it in order to make sure that what you write is not easy for them to misconstrue. Where there is space for a proper comment make the best use of it to put your main point very clearly.
    e.g.: they ask about access issues. We all know that the current post office has a heavy door and a big step and is cramped inside BUT that does not mean that the current proposal at Bargain Booze is automatically a good idea; access may be better but you may feel there are other issues. Also, is asks about layout of the proposed new location – but of course we have no idea yet as it is not laid out for Post Office use so we don’t know and therefor cannot comment!

  2. S. Williams 5 years Reply

    i back the idea of looking at using the vacant Wilko’s next to Sainsbury’s.
    Its modern and can be well laid out inside to offer the other products most good PO’s do and it has some parking opposite to on street parking as well.
    What about something inside the health centre which had the walk in centre closed?

  3. Ann R 5 years Reply

    There’s also a vacant unit next to Dove Vets where Plumb Stop used to trade. It’s further down the town than I would like, but at least it has parking. Couldn’t the Post Office look into that. Surely anything’s better than trading in an Off License!!!

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