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Thank You To Stapleford Coop

19th November 2016 Local Businesses, Stapleford Community Group Tags: 5 Comments

We like like to thank the Management and Staff at the Stapleford Co-op for many years of service in Stapleford. 

Sadly the store on Derby Road closes it’s Doors for the very last time at 5pm today. 

We would like to again thank the staff who for many years have served the people of Stapleford and we wish them all the best for the future. 

Thank you. 


  1. J pollard 5 years Reply

    This is a sad day for Stapleford ???? Good luck to all Co-op staff????

  2. Celia Jones 5 years Reply

    Thank you to all the staff at our Co op. I hope you all get jobs, disgraceful how HQ have treated both all of you and your loyal customers. I will miss you all. Special thanks to Rob for all the deliveries.

  3. Lynn A 5 years Reply

    A sad day for Stapleford. The Co-Op must have been in Stapleford for nearly 100 years and when I was a child Albert Street had everything you could wish to buy. Personally am worried about the older folk.

  4. David C 5 years Reply

    It’s disgusting that now closed. There should a been a way to save it

  5. Susan Hayward 5 years Reply

    It’s sad to know that Co-op is now no more, I wish all the Staff good luck with whatever they do.

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