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Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 6 January 2017 at 10am at The Carnegie Centre, Warren Avenue, Stapleford

Chair: Cllr Stan Heptinstall Nottinghamshire County Council

Present: Darren Kightley Trent Barton Bus Company

Cllr John Longdon Broxtowe Borough Council

Cllr Richard MacRae Broxtowe Borough Council

Cllr Dave Pearson Stapleford Town Council

Roy Wilson Pedals


Apologies were received from Barbara Brooke, Cllr Jan Gould, Aaron Irwin and PC Sarah Warren

It was noted that PCSO Chris Archer is transferring to the police and is no longer available as a PCSO within the area. Sincere congratulations were extended to Chris with thanks for his contributions as a PCSO.


These were accepted as a true record.


3.1 Bus matters

a) Regarding TROs at bus turn-ins the following was reported to the meeting:

Dear Councillor Heptinstall, I have been passed the Minutes from the Stapleford Traffic and Transport Group meeting on 30th September 2016 and note in 3.1a your reference to Clearways on Hickings Lane and Melbourne Road. I am now in a position to provide an update to report to the next meeting on 6th January.

We received the request from Stapleford Traffic and Transport Group via yourself back in March 2016 to investigate the install of clearways. We undertook an extensive investigation and have built sufficient proof to install bus stop clearways at the three bus stops below. We hope to have these installed as part of our 17/18 programme and to complete this by 31st March 2018.

Bus Stop Reference Road Area Bus Service Operator Time Restriction

BR0494 Washington Drive Melbourne Rd Stapleford 18, 511 trent, Notts bus 7am – 7am Mon – Sat

BR0092 Washington Drive Melbourne Rd Stapleford 18, 511 trent, Notts bus 7am – 7am Mon – Sat

BR0474 Ramsey Close Melbourne Rd Stapleford 18 trent, Notts bus 7am – 7am Mon – Sat

We checked the bus stops below and there was insufficient evidence to support the introduction of restrictions at BR0132 or BR0134 on Hickings Lane. BR0072 & BR0073 on Melbourne Road are no longer served by buses and therefore do not require a bus stop clearway.

Bus Stop Reference Area Road

BR0134 Hickings Lane Stapleford Hickings Lane

BR0132 Braddon Avenue Stapleford Hickings Lane

BR0072 Brisbane Drive Stapleford Melbourne Road

BR0073 Washington Drive Stapleford Melbourne Road

I hope this is a helpful update for your meeting on Friday. If you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Regards Elliott Elliott Mizen Facilities & Partnerships Manager Nottinghamshire County Council

3.2 Speedwatch

Discussions on a speed-watch for Stapleford and other areas are proceeding and those interested will be sent an update on progress. Action: SH

3.3 Highways Issues

a) Pasture Road. The County Council has reported that significant improvements to Pasture Road are deemed to be too expensive to carry out. The possibility of a white line at the entrance to the Albany allotments are being pursued via Dave Walker. Action: SH

b) Cemetery Road. No update has been received about the promised investigation of a TRO following the delivery of a petition from residents of this road. Members described ongoing problems caused by parked vehicles at the Nottingham Road/Cemetery Road junction. Action: SH

c) Ilkeston Road. The revised proposal for TROs at the entrance to the proposed new housing estate has not yet been brought to the Transport Committee at the County Council.

d) Currently there is no further information on the siting of a pedestrian crossing on Hickings Lane. Action: RM

e) Brookhill Street. A 20mph speed limit isx to be applied outside the entrance to the school. It was agreed this should include the nursery on the corner of Antill Street. Action: SH

f) White-lining on roads. There are now numerous examples of area in Stapleford where repainting of white lines is needed.

g) Peatfield Road. There is no prospect of introduction of a one-way system.

h) Braddon Avenue/Hickings Lane. It was reported that the poor vison for drivers exiting Braddon Avenue is because of numerous parked vehicles on the road and grass verge.

i) The road surface on Nottingham Road near the junction with Bessel Lane needs urgent investigation. Action: SH

j) Parked vehicles at the bus stop outside NISA are still causing problems for bus drivers.

3.4 Signage

a) Attempts to suggest additional locations for signs to the tram terminus have not been responded to.

3.5 Stapleford Streetscape

The application for funding to enable refurbishment of town centres prepared by the County Council did not refer to Stapleford, and it transpires that Broxtowe Borough Council asked for inclusion of Beeston, rather than Stapleford. The is huge disappointment that the application for Stapleford was not taken forward.


a) Cllr DP reported that the road surface on Church Street near to where it becomes Pasture Road need investigating because it is sinking. Action SH

b) Cllr DP reported that a temporary interactive sign is to be placed on Church Street, following intervention by the MP. Cllr SH said that he knew nothing about this proposal, despite being the local county councillor. Action: SH

DATE OF NEXT MEETING Friday 31 March 2017 at The Carnegie Centre, Warren Avenue at 10.00am


1. Apologies

2. Minutes

3. New Matters

4. Date of Next Meeting

Please find below the questions that Councillor Richard MacRae submitted after being asked them by local residents, he says he is not sure why they are not included in the actual minutes and has emailed Councillor Stan Heptinstall and asked him.

Ewe Lamb Lane parking, particularly opposite the school needs looking at please. My drive is blocked regularly by parents collecting children – very inconsiderate and frustrating! We have buses and ambulance service who also must experience difficulties.

Yes plz could you ask why the traffic warden will not in force the no parking on the lines outside our schools I have complained to them more than once that parents are still parking when picking children up from school it is a accident waiting to happen thank you

Frederick road is a rat run and people parking either side does not help so many people park on this road and go to work in Stapleford i.e. The college !!!

Another crash at Bardills island tonight , it is confusing and right turn to Stapleford from Beeston is a risk . Action needed rather than reducing speed approaching. Any numbers on accident there?

Yes , when do we get resident parking in Halls Road Stapleford?

Double yellows outside the coop on Hickings/Ilkeston Road. Come around the corner from the roundabout to be met by a lorry on the wrong side of the road going around a parked car on more than one occasion.

Frederick road being used as a “Rat run” by drivers avoiding the traffic lights.

Ask them to do something on fredrick rd and mill rd stapleford there are hundreds of cars every day raceing up and down trying to beat the lights outside the old rock . There are cars parked down both sides of the rd only leaving room for single file traffic and cars zoom up and down at speed it only takes one child to appear from behind a car this needs looking at as its every day not just once in a while

Resident only permit parking on Grenville Drive please

Sandicliffe creating parking problems for residents on Cemetery Road and Ford and Sandicliffe trade parking on Nottingham Road right next to St Johns primary.

Speeding later at night on church street / pastures road. Could do with a roundabout where both roads meet hickings lane to slow traffic down. Would also help with traffic flow at that junction.

Brookhill is still as dangerous as ever cars speeding up and down it, using it as a cut through, cars park all on the corners so you can’t see coming out of the side streets, won’t be long until some one is killed again or knocked over again. So dangerous especially when people are crossing to the park schools or archers fields and there’s no have no choice but to walk out behind all the cars parked there.

Ewe Lamb Lane just above Stanley Drive could do with a traffic calmer as many cars come at such a speed down here. Many chidren and elderly have to cross here.
Resident parking permits for lawrence street pls

At the risk of repeating myself again and again, could you ask if there are any plans to remove the Derby Road, Stapleford humps/traffic calmers? NOt only are these still deterring people from using STAPLEFORD shops, but still causing drivers to dangerously “rat run through Brook Hill”

Similar humps of the same ridiculous height have been replaced by less severe calming methods on Bramcote Lane ……I know this is City council, however, the problem is the same.
As fa r as I know, the only people happy with the Stapleford humps are the local garages/car repairers.
Thanks in anticipation,

I just wanted to mention that there have been a few vehicles speeding around wellspring dale Stapleford late at night and it’s already a bit of a tight route with parking and corners etc, just worried about it potentially causing an accident. Thanks, I would like to be kept anonymous.


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