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Liberal Democrats and Green Party join forces in Nottinghamshire

5th February 2017 Nottingham Evening Post Tags: 1 Comment

Two political parties – the Liberal Democrats and Greens – have joined forces and agreed not to oppose, but rather endorse each other at this year’s County Council election in May.

Councillors have claimed that this is the first time that the two parties have decided to do this in Nottinghamshire.

Liberal Democrats will not be standing in Conservative wards kimberely and Nuthall and Brinsley and Greasley but instead backing the Green Party which will stand in their place.

And in return, the Green Party will not be standing in Liberal Democrat wards Stapleford and Broxtowe and Bramcote Beeston North. Instead, the party will be backing the Lib Dem candidates.

Kat Boettge, who will be standing for the Green Party in Kimberley and Nuthall, told the Post: “We share a lot of local policies and are very similar locally speaking.

“Instead of splitting votes we have a better chance doing it that way and can implement these policies we share such as protecting the environment, the green belt, making public transport affordable especially for the elderly and protecting public services.

“It’s something we have never done in this area. We are living in difficult times and this is showing voters that we are doing politics differently and are working together.”

Tim Hallam, who will be standing for the Liberal Democrats in Stapleford and Broxtowe Central, added: “I am completely for it. Our manifesto is almost identical for the county council. Nationally there are some differences. We would not implement this on a national level, just local. It should not be about the colour of your rosette, it should be about policies and if they are identical, why fight for each other’s voters and why not combine our efforts?”

The decision to join forces was announced at the Flour Mill in Beeston on Saturday, attended by Lord Brian Paddick and Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake.

Mr Brake said: “It is a local initiative and if parties want to discuss a joint strategy it is totally acceptable. It is not something that can work in Westminster, I think it is easier at a local level.”

Lord Paddick, who was attending a dinner in Nottinghamshire to raise funds for the Liberal Democrats, did not wish to share his opinion on the matter, and said it was a decision for local parties.

By Matt Jarram, Nottingham Post

1 Comment

  1. F Mick 5 years Reply

    SCUMBAGS WITHOUT PRINCIPLES I’m surprised and very disappointed in the Greens for getting in bed with a bunch of unprincipled, yellow-backed scumbags, quislings and tory apologists that in 2010 sold their principles – and all the promises they made to the people they hoodwinked into voting for them – for a seat at the cabinet table, the post of Deputy Prime Minister, a go at the dispatch box and a ride in the ministerial Jag. The Greens – who I’ve always respected for their [erstwhile] principles – should hang their heads in absolute shame at chummying up to a Cameron rump opposed to environment welfare and formed a government that paved the way for the fracking of Britain. While I know too many Liberal Democrats to ever trust one, I am really saddened to see that the Greens – who many consider the most principled of the lot – have also sold-out in a manner befitting Benedict Arnold. Shame on you!

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