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Is County Councillor Jacky Williams Wasting Tax Payers Money?

23rd February 2017 Councillor Richard MacRae, Latest News, Nottingham County Council Tags: , 6 Comments

Yesterday Stapleford Community Group submitted a Freedom of Information request asking Nottinghamshire County Council who has paid for the recent letters delivered to residents of Brookhill Street and surrounding streets in Stapleford. 

You can view the Freedom of Information request via the link below.

Not only is the letter on Nottinghamshire County Council headed paper it has been delivered by Royal Mail too. 

Could this be at the expense of you the Tax Payer? 

It has sparked outrage as not only does it seem that one of our County Councillors has been wasting money on posting out a letter to residents they are also taking credit for the hard work of others
in the area.   

It’s been nearly four years since the County Councillor concerned was elected and in those four years there has never been a letter delivered like this to let people know of any work she has allegedly been doing in the area. 

It is rather odd that just over two months before the next elections this Councillor is acting this way.   

Whilst there are serious concerns about the traffic on Brookhill Street it was actually Stapleford Councillors John McGrath and Richard MacRae who organised a public meeting and invited all residents of the area to attend and it was the Stapleford Town Clerk who kindly offered the use of the Carnegie Hall to facilitate the meeting. 

The Petition that the County Councillor handed into Nottinghamshire County Council was actually carried out by Stapleford Community Group and yet despite this there is no mention of this in the letter that has been delivered to local residents. You can find the online Petition via the link below.

At this meeting the Highways Officer shown the residents a sign saying ’30 for a reason’ and as promised had them installed the very next day.  

It was also at this same meeting that the Highways Officer agreed to the Traffic Survey taking place and it was residents who chose the location of the survey to take place too. It was also agreed not
to do the survey in the School Holidays. 

As for the Speed Watch Scheme, it has already been said this will not be taking place on Brookhill Street due to the amount of Vehicles parking on the road. 

We know local residents who attended the public meeting will remember what took place and that is why so many local residents have contacted us asking why they have recieved this letter off the current County Councillor.  

It has also been noticed that this letter is also being used as a way to promote her fellow candidate in the upcoming County Elections. Surely this should not be happening especially using the position
of County Councillor to do so. 

With so many ongoing cuts and with the Budget meeting taking place right now at Nottinghamshire County Council any money should be put to better use and not being wasted on self promotion especially so close to the Nottinghamshire County Council Elections.  

We now await to hear a reply back to our Freedom of Information request and will of course let you know as soon as we do. 

Donna MacRae 



  1. Tim Hallam 5 years Reply

    “Is County Councillor Jacky Williams Wasting Tax Payers Money?” – Simply no, she isn’t.
    This is a letter from a County Councillor to her constituents which summarises the progress in trying to resolve the issues with Brookhill Street and what’s likely to happen next. All county councillors have a budget to do this (which I understand Jacky has rarely used because she normally communicates via the Lib Dem member-funded ‘Focus’ leaflet at no public cost.
    I would add to your FOI request by asking how many other County Councillors communicate to their constituents using their letter allowance and who the highest users are – I bet Jacky will be the bottom of the list.
    It doesn’t mention party or elections and is well outside any formal campaign period, so it falls well within the bounds of what’s acceptable. It is also 100% true: note the timeline – the solutions were already in motion before the petition or the public meeting with the exception of Speed Watch – all of this can be verified. If any credit was due elsewhere then I’m sure Jacky would give it, but making noise whilst achieving nothing is hardly worthy of a name-check by an opponent in my opinion.
    Stapleford Community Group is clearly pursuing its own political agenda, which is a shame because I think your candidate is a pleasant guy and your website could be an amazing and commendable community resource if it weren’t for all the spin.

    • Donna MacRae 5 years Reply

      A comment from someone who was not even at the meeting regards Brookhill Street so how would you know what those there did or did not agree and discuss. 

      Spin, that’s something the liberal democrats always do. I recall at a previous election time that they put out a leaflet which claimed they had been having improvements to the Montrose Court area of Stapleford when the truth was they had not done any such thing what so ever and it was the Community Group who were doing such things. Also a leaflet mentioning improvements to Pasture Road Recreation Ground and no mention of Stapleford Community Group who got the funding for those improvements, I could go on. 

      I have seen the focus leaflet and it always mentions things but never once gives credit to those who have done the good for the area or raised the issues in the first place. Talking of the focus, as one is currently being delivered you could have easily put an article about Brookhill Street on that to save wasting Tax Payers money by having Nottinghamshire County Council pay for a separate letter.

      And lastly Stapleford Community Group is not and has never been a political group and has never had a political agenda. We just want the best for Stapleford and its people and will continue to do as we keep doing. 

    • Jean b 5 years Reply

      Brilliantly put Tim

  2. cherrie peabody 5 years Reply

    Stapleford Community Group … please keep doing what you are doing, you really make a difference for Stapleford, thank you for your tireless efforts.

  3. Caroline usher 5 years Reply

    Does it really matter who gets the credit as long as something is done

    • Louise E 5 years Reply

      It annoys me when I read that someone is taking credit off others and annoyed I was when I received the letter in the post. I was at the meeting and I know who organised it and well done for doing so. It was a shame she doesn’t know how to give credit to those who deserve it.

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