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Reduction Of The Robin Hood Travel Card Despite Promises To Extend It.

22nd March 2017 Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice, Nottingham City Council, Upcoming Events Tags: , , , , 5 Comments

With effect from Sunday 26th March the Sherwin Arms Bus Stop will longer be the local start/finish for residents using the Robin Hood Travel Card. 

Last year Stapleford Councillors John McGrath and Richard MacRae met with City Councillor Nick McDonald who promised to look at extending the Robin Hood Travel Card into Stapleford.  

Now local residents who walk to the Sherwin Arms Bus Stop are going to miss out as the boundary will be changed.

The west boundary will be reduced from the Sherwin Arms bus stop to the Cow Lane stop in both directions on Derby Road. This will will affect i4 and the 21 customers.

eighteen’s new boundary will be the Moss Drive stops on Town Street, these stops are either side of the junction at Cow Lane.

You can read the Trent Barton Press Release by clicking here.

The two Stapleford Councillors explained to the City Councillor the importance of extending the Robin Hood Travel Card which is accepted at the Tram Terminus at Toton Lane, Stapleford, to benefit the residents of Stapleford.  

Councillor Nick McDonald has been asked why this has happened and the two Stapleford Councillors are now awaiting his reply. 


  1. Chris Middleton 5 years Reply

    Another negative for Stapleford! But why is it accepted at the Toton tram terminus which is also outside the green circle?

  2. Sally V 5 years Reply

    A backward step. Other cities had a card which extends for all local travel. It’s a minefield. Paaengers should be encouraged to use public transport, to preserve parking spaces in the city centre and to decrease pollution, currently a hot topic. It’s so unclear what the cheapest routes are. I , for one, have to travel within the city boundaries from Stapleford. It would be simpler to have one discount card for all local travel. The fares are currently difficult to understand. For instance travel to Sherwood and back is about £8.50 using a mango card, and buses, £4.50 using the tram and a bus. Confusing !

  3. Chris T 5 years Reply

    All those affected who want change don’t waste your energy moaning on social media but support the likes of John and Richard by writing to Nick, the press and why not raise a small protest at the tram stop to publicise your discontent. If done properly can be used by your councillors as evidence of the sense of misjustice felt within the community. From what I have seen councils need to be shamed into action especially around election season.

  4. Maria W 5 years Reply

    Yet again we are the poor relations of Beeston

  5. Ivan Greensmith 5 years Reply

    We are supposed to be encouraging the use of public transport, this will force more people into their cars.

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