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Shoes Wanted To Support Shoe Aid

25th March 2017 Help & Advice, Local Businesses, Local Schools Tags: 0 Comments

If you are having a Spring Clean and have any unwanted Foot Wear please consider making a kind donation to Shoe Aid

All of your very kind donations will make a huge difference.  

We fully support the great work of Shoe Aid and have done for a long time now. 

If you are a local Business and would like to become a collection point then please Click Here for details. 

As such we have already contacted all the local Schools and asked them to carry out collections and are now awaiting there replies. One School has already agreed to hold an Assembly to let the Children know about Shoe Aid and how any donations they make will make a difference to others.

You can folow them on Facebook by Clicking Here and read information about them below. 

Shoe Aid is a CIC (Community interest company) established to raise awareness and help the 300 million children worldwide who do not have the ability to obtain a pair of shoes, which are necessary for hygienic and health reasons, for work and school, due to the devastating ills of poverty. We believe that walking barefoot should be a choice, not a hardship.

Shoe Aid collects unwanted pairs of shoes and provide shoes for the shoeless.


We have an increasing number of collection points that allow members of the public to drop off shoes at a location near you.


Shoes can be taken to these collection points. We then take them to our sorting warehouse where they are assed and graded.


We do this to allow us to provide exactly what is requested by our partners such as the National Police Aid Convoys, Framework, Groundworks and many others.


Some shoes are unusable and too worn, one of our current projects is to then recycle these into the shoes components and then the material can then be re used and repurposed.


We form relationships with manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets that donate end of line returns and sample stock, this decreases waste and landfill.


When the shoes are collected we ask the donator how we may use the shoes. We can process the shoes in a number of ways. Sometime it is the preference of the donator that we send the shoes directly to a project. On other occasions we may be allowed to sell the shoes to generate income to cover our operational costs.


We are a community interest company which allows us to operate in a way that benefits local education, provides work experience through traineeships and apprenticeships via local learning and education providers.


Our aim to help by providing employment through enabling microenterprise, we do this by providing shoes and training people in customer service and providing them with a platform, for example a market stall and the profit is then shared between the stall holder and Shoe Aid.


We are here to promote the elevation for both local and global shoe poverty because we believe barefoot should be a choice.

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