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24th October 2017 Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice, Local Businesses, Local Clubs, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 0 Comments

Stapleford Community Group are supporting who regularly teach Bike Riding Skills on the Hickings Lane Recreation Ground. 


We’re a Nottingham based green transport charity and we’ve been helping people across the region for over 15 years. We think that having the ability to safely and confidently ride and maintain a bicycle is a crucial life skill. It keeps us safe on the roads and it can make the difference between being able to afford to get out and about or feeling isolated and cut off. Not only that, but cycling can help to improve physical fitness as well as helping people to socialise, combating depression and it makes people feel great! Most of all, it allows people the freedom to get to employment and learning sites.

That’s why we want to run the Bikes 4 Life project in Stapleford, Nottingham, one of the local areas where unemployment is high and health levels are declining. We’ll run a series of support programmes that help a total of 40 young people in the area to give them the valuable practical and social skills which will help them for years to come…in fact, cycling is an ideal way to keep active during later life, so they’ll have many years to enjoy the skills that they learn.

We’ll target young job seekers and will support them over an 8 week period, during which time we’ll help them to build a bicycle from scratch – which will include using recycling parts from other bikes. This is great for the environment, and it also means that our participants will understand their bike inside out before relying on the bike for employment and training purposes.

They’ll learn how to maintain it and keep it roadworthy…they might even decide to find out more about a career as a bike mechanic in the future. Our participants will get to keep their bicycle, it’ll be a one off and will be perfect for them.

Then, we’ll work with the individuals to learn vital cycling skills, giving them expert training on how to safely ride off road, on the road and in busier areas. We’ll help them to learn how to navigate on their bike, how to be safe and seen, how to work together as a team and how to overcome some of the transport barriers that they may have faced – especially with regards to getting into employment. We will lead rides for the participants to major local employment and learning sites. We want our participants to come away from this course feeling like they’ve got the ability to travel to the jobs they’re interested in on their new bicycle.

We’ll give all of our participants the opportunity to volunteer to help us on the next Bikes 4 Life course, which will help them to pass on their learnings, improve their job related skills, help them to put their new skills into practise and enhance their employment prospects.

We train thousands of people each year to ride a bicycle, and for some people it can be truly life changing. It helps them to regain control over their opportunities – it can help them to meet friends, go to job interviews, socialise and get fitter. We think we can help to change the life prospects of 40 young job seekers in Stapleford, Nottingham, through this Bikes 4 Life course.

We are proud to have the support of local Independent Councillor Richard MacRae, who has committed to work with us to make this project a true success.

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