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Accident on Hickings Lane. 

10th November 2017 Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard MacRae Tags: , 0 Comments

There was an accident on Hickings Lane earlier today as a driver pulled out from Washington Drive. 

The driver of the Black Vehicle was unable to see up Hickings Lane due to the Vehicles parked on the pavement on Hickings Lane, these Vehicles belong to workmen on the nearby development. As he slowly pulled out of Washington Drive onto Hickings Lane he was hit by an oncoming Vehicle which he didn’t see as the view was blocked by the Vehicles parked on the Pavement blocking the view from Washington Drive. 

Before the above picture was taken at the scene there had been a White Van parked infront of the Vehicles parked on the Pavement. This was soon moved following the accident.  

Only yesterday Councillor Richard MacRae sent the following email to the Parking Enforcement Officer at Broxtowe Borough Council:

There have been 3 vans parking on the pavement of Hickings Lane on the corner of Washington Drive and it is making it impossible to see when turning out of Washington drive. They have been there for over a week. 

He recieved the following response earlier today: 

I will ask the enforcement team to investigate the parking issue and if the vehicles are parking in contravention the officer will take action, however if the parking infringement
is not parked adjacent to enforceable restriction (yellow lines) then this matter should be reported to either Nottinghamshire County Council or the police.  Our enforcement officers have visited Washington Drive 16 times this month (November 2017) and issued
a penalty charge notice to 1 vehicle.  Based on this I can only assume that the vehicles referred to within this email are not parked against traffic regulation orders (yellow lines), but as mentioned I will ask the enforcement team to maintain a presence.

Kind Regards

This is not the first time that Councillor MacRae has complained about parking at this location.  

Following this accident where both vehicles have been written off another email has been sent and also a request that the local development stop parking on the Pavement. 

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