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Inspector Steve Wragg’s Blog: December 2017

6th December 2017 Help & Advice, Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: 3 Comments

Significant events in our borough

The month of November has seen quite a considerable
increase in recorded crime compared to October.

This has largely been due to an inconsiderate few
targeting outbuildings in Stapleford and Bramcote. While I would not normally
begin my blog with crime trends I feel this issue is adversely affecting so
many of you that it warrants being singularly the most important introduction.
Garages that are part of communal blocks are primarily being targeted for
easily transportable items.

These are targeted as they are seldom overlooked or
fitted with additional security measures. If you own such a garage please be
vigilant and security minded.

I have planned in patrols over the comings days and
weeks, and you will see an increased police presence in the area with
Neighbourhood Policing Officers, assisted by other force colleagues providing
high visibility patrols.

Needless to say these commitments are finely
balanced with other pressing operational commitments as we approach a very busy
festive period. Xmas light switch on events have successfully passed without
incident across the Borough but we will continue to be visible in crowded
spaces to ensure your safety.

Proactive policing

In response to the issues above a young male was
arrested for various offences in and around the Stapleford area. While he has
been released under investigation at this time I am reassured that there will
be a positive outcome as a result of this action.

On other Social Media streams the local team posted
that we had successfully obtained a Criminal Behaviour Order on Liam Peach. A
prolific shop theft offender who’s offending will undoubtedly be disrupted as a
result of the CBO.

Crime prevention

While crime issues within the borough vary owing to the large geographical area it
spans, there are some target crimes that I want to raise with you and share
some practical tips to reduce the risk of being subject to such.

Theft from motor vehicles continually to be particularly prevalent over the past
month and I have previously spoken here about the importance of security. We
continue to deploy numerous police tactics to prevent and detect such and I
hope that you visit our Advice Centre to assist us in preventing this

I have mentioned above the considerable increase in garage burglaries and it is
equally important to mention the continued attacks on vehicles across the

I would urge you to visit the Nottinghamshire Police Crime Prevention Advice
Centre at
where you will find a raft of information to help make your belongings less desirable
to thieves.

I mentioned in my last Blog the importance of being neighbourly and this is even
more important over the festive period. Please look out and assist those
vulnerable people who you think may be subject of any form of harm as a result
of the selfish means of another. Remember gut feelings count and raising
concerns for another may help them immeasurably.

Your Local Policing Team

No rest for us over the festive period. Your local policing team face a very
challenging month ahead.

There will be an increased demand for our service over the coming weeks while we
spend a lot of time away from friends and family who may be lucky enough to
enjoy a Christmas break.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, and prosperous, new year.


  1. Eric Hull 4 years Reply

    We had police incident last friday night when me and sue came back from our council meeting i think there were arrests but not sure

  2. Kevin 4 years Reply

    As a member on Broxtowe community scheme find it a waste of time reporting issues as never dealt withi

  3. Nigel Harrison 4 years Reply

    You seem to have mentioned, thefts from , garages and cars, but have said nothing, about thefts from allotments, a lot of plot holders are elderly ,and we all know you shouldn’t leave expensive equipment in sheds, but some of these gardening tools are quite heavy and cumbersome,we do go to the levels of reenforcing,our sheds with locks and bolts ,but they still manage to break in, a couple of years ago the police donated us shed alarms, where would we be able to purchase them from.

    Thank you

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