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Minutes From The October Stapleford Traffic and Transport Working Party

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Present Councillors: 

Cllr D Grindell, Cllr J McGrath, Cllr R MacRae, Cllr D Pearson, Cllr C Rice, Cllr Mrs S Roome Also present: Mr R Wilson

1/2018 Election of Chair

Cllr D Pearson was unanimously elected Chair of this Working Group 

2/2018 Election of Deputy Chair

Cllr R MacRae was unanimously elected Deputy Chair of this Working Group 

3/018 Apologies for absence 

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs: A Britton, R Darby and Mrs A Hull.  

It was noted that a number of individuals who attended the previous T&T Group had intimated that they would no longer be in attendance.  

4/2018 Declarations of interest 

There were no Declarations of Interest. 

5/2018 Introductions

Introductions were made were necessary. 

6/2018 Town Council Discussion of Highways Issues 

Cllr Pearson explained that the Town Council was most concerned regarding the state of the pavements, highways, transport provision and general condition of the roadways through the Town.   

A number of concerns had been discussed by the Town Council and such matters had been highlighted and forwarded to Nottinghamshire County Council through VIA for investigation and hopefully action.

It was noted that this Working Group had been constituted to enable the Town Council to exchange information with interested parties and organisations, given the failure of the Nottinghamshire County Councillors for this Ward to continue with the Traffic & Transport Meetings as held during the previous County Council Administrations.  

It was noted that this Group would consider only issues within Stapleford and the area immediately surrounding it that impacted on the Town. 

7/2018 Transport Issues

The Chair opened the meeting up for discussion and comments. The following points were noted: 

I. The general poor repair of the highways was commented upon and it was recognised that the Town Council had identified particular problem areas and had passed this information to VIA. 

II. The issues relating to parking etc on Pastures Road were under discussion and Cllr MacRae would report progress or otherwise to a future Meeting.  

III. Changes to the 18 bus timetable were lamented upon, together with the lack of consultation relating to this alteration to the timetable.

IV. The lack of direct transport to the tram stop was also considered an important issue, particularly given the current lack of a supermarket in the Town.  Particular note was taken of the issues experienced by individuals in the North of the Town re the lack of transport opportunities.

V. Cllr Pearson had spoken with and brought to the attention of Cllr John Cottee (Nottinghamshire County Council Chair of Committee with this responsibility).  Regarding the urgent highways issues in the Town.  

VI. Cllr Mrs Roome raised issued relating to the misuse of the one-way system on Albert Street and the pot hole problems in and around The Roach area. 

VII. Cllr MacRae reiterated the problems with vehicles, particularly lorries ignoring the one-way-entry on albert street and similarly on Church Lane. A solution was felt to be better signage and perhaps ‘NO ENTRY’ painted on roads, for maximum effect. 

VIII. Cllr C Rice identified the need for resurfacing and repainting of the crossing at the top of Sandiacre Road.

IX. Cllr MacRae informed the meeting of problems on Central Avenue where it intersected with an unadopted road.   This led to problems with parking and access/egress to surrounding properties.  This issue would be raised at the next CAT Meeting and it was felt that once again improved signage could do a lot to alleviate the problems being created.  

X. Signage regarding the 20 mile speed limit on Brookhill Street was under discussion with VIA. 

XI. There were ongoing problems relating to lorries parking in the area of Kelvin Close, Bessell Lane, particularly after 11.00p.m. Cllr MacRae had contacted Notts. Police, transport organisations, Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council(VIA) re these issues.       

Issues at the junction of Hickings Lane/Washington Drive re development work on the former Sinbad site. Should cease once the development is completed.

XII. Cllr MacRae identified an issue at the development cited in XII. Re the condition contained within the planning permission for the construction of a pedestrian crossing. There now appeared to be an issue with this instillation and Cllr MacRae had raised this matter with the County Councillors for this ward.     

XIII. It was felt that a direct dialogue with Highways England might be a way forward, particularly given the impact HS2 would have on the Town.  

XIV. Mr Wilson raised issues regarding parking on Gibbons Ave. and school run problems, he emphasised the need for further residents parking schemes.  It was explained that the criteria for such schemes was rigid and requests for such schemes needed to be channelled through local County Councillors. 

XV. Concern was expressed re the underuse of the Arthur Mee College Car park and the future of the College.

XVI. Speeding problems in the area in and around ‘Andy’s Fish Bar’ were identified with the need for an interactive speed sign.    

XVII. Derby Road from its junction with Warren Avenue to Oakfield Road needed re-surfacing and particular attention needed to be paid at the junctions with side streets leading off Derby Road.

XVIII. Cllr Pearson had been assisting residents of Cemetery Road with on street parking issues and the need for a residents parking scheme on this road.  In July 2016 it was considered that this request met the criteria and NCC agreed to investigate whether a resident’s parking scheme could be considered for inclusion in a future year’s programme.  No further action appears to have been taken and will need to be followed up. 

XIX. It was agreed that all Councillors needed to be proactive regarding Highways Issues.  The Town Council would be inviting representatives from HS2 in the new year and may consider inviting Highways England to a Meeting in the new year together with Cllr Cottee.

XX. There was nothing that could be done re the changes to the no 18 bus timetable.  However, it was felt essential that a representative from Trent/Barton was encouraged to attend these meeting to ensure that they and the Town Council was aware of proposed and that such changes could be properly discussed at a local level prior to implementation.

Members considered this to be a positive meeting and while it was impossible for the Town Council to move many of these issues forward it was important to keep the pressure on the relevant organisations/authorities responsible for these matters.  

8. Date of Next Meeting 

It was agreed that a meeting of this group would be held on 19th January 2018 at 11.00p.m.   

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