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Where Is The Pedestrian Crossing?

5th February 2018 Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard MacRae, Nottingham County Council Tags: , , 3 Comments

Last year it was agreed by the Planning Committee at Broxtowe Borough Council that as part of the new McCarthy and Stone Development on Hickings Lane a Pedestrian Crossing would be installed on Hickings Lane.

So where is it?

The agreement was that no one will be allowed to move into the development until the Pedestrian Crossing was installed. It was also agreed it would be installed between Washington Drive and Ewe Lamb Lane.

Now speaking to McCarthy and Stone they have said they have paid Broxtowe Borough Council over £40,000 to have the Pedestrian Crossing installed.

The first people are set to move into the excellent development tomorrow yet the crossing is not there.

Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae who requested the Pedestrian Crossing has asked Broxtowe Borough Council numerous times about this Crossing and says all he gets told is that it is being discussed.

A mayor concern is why has this not been installed as agreed by the Planning Committee before residents move into the development as was the agreed requirement.

Nottinghamshire County Council who deal with Highways issues have also been asked about this as have both the County Councillors and neither of the County Councillors have responded to any emails they have been sent.

So where is the Pedestrian Crossing which has been paid for.


  1. Cherrie Peabody 4 years Reply

    Well what a surprise.
    Funny how they can get away with this being built but Aldi before the houses ???

  2. Caroline 4 years Reply

    So why did anyone vote for Doddy and the others? Richard is constantly ignored over countless issues… Do the arrogant councillors actually give a monkeys about their constituents or not. Its beyond a joke they are voted in on promises they never keep. Why make promises you cant keep or try to. One thing after another a constant shambles.

  3. Grenville Green 4 years Reply

    Should be very easy to find out what happened to the Pedestrian Crossing money, as there must be a simple paper trail. If County councillors and others of influence will not respond to questions about what has happened to this public money. Bring in the Police. They will not have to travel very far, as they are housed in the same building complex. .

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