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Stapleford Community Action Team Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting
The Haven Centre, Wadsworth Road
Thursday 19 April 2018


Cllr Richard MacRae Broxtowe Borough Council RM
Cllr John McGrath Broxtowe Borough Council JM
Jayne Fletcher Broxtowe Borough Council JF
Paul Heery The Bramcote School PH


Cllr David Grindell
Cllr Chris Rice
Cllr Dave Pearson

20 residents attended

1. Welcome and Introduction
RM welcomed residents to the meeting at The Haven Centre.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Richard reported that there had been a positive meeting with the MP Anna Soubry with regard to ASB in the town and policing. Insp Steve Wragg who was the Inspector for Broxtowe has now moved on and he will be replaced by Inspector Simon Riley who will meet with Councillors to discuss crime in Stapleford once he is in post.

Richard also reported that for Citizen’s Advice Broxtowe (CAB) to maintain a presence in Stapleford Health Centre £8,000 worth of funding was needed. Some of this has been raised and further fundraising activities are planned. With regard to the Neighbourhood Plan, Richard is on the committee and he stated that a draft plan that has been led by local residents and businesses is ready to go out for public consultation hopefully in the summer.

3. Police Update
Police not in attendance. Inspector’s Blog. Click on link for full details:

Residents urged to be aware of burglaries, shed/garage break-ins and thefts from vehicles. Keep doors and windows locked. Keep sheds and garages well maintained and do not leave goods where they can be seen in cars.

There have been on-going reports of ASB/drugs and these are being investigated by Notts Police and Police raids have taken place. A resident reported on a gang related incident on Teverley Close and Police are making door to door enquiries.

Richard stated that he was currently planning a youth offending event where young offenders and those at risk of offending will receive information about knife crime. If the project is successful it is hoped to take it in to local schools.

Residents stated that there is nothing for young people to do in Stapleford. Young people are reluctant to use the youth facility because of undesirable gangs waiting outside etc.

Residents stated that more Police on the streets is needed. Residents are urged to write to the MP and/or their local councillor.

Contacts for the MP Anna Soubry and the 6 councillors for Stapleford are:

Anna Soubry Tel: 0115 943 6507 or email
Tel: 0115 939 6630
Tel: 07740 344427
Tel: 0115 939 1658
Tel: 0115 939 0096
Tel: 07905 576353
Tel: 0115 917 0913

4. Update on the Bramcote School

Executive Head, Paul Heery updated the meeting as follows:
Bramcote School is part of the White Hills Federation and had an Ofsted inspection a year ago and was judged good. The school consists of 600 11 to 18 year olds and 200 6th form students. The staff and students work hard and results are improving all the time.

With regard to buildings last year NCC approved the transfer of some land to the federation. The intention is to sell land on Coventry Lane to fund the building of the new school. The current delay has been with meetings and discussions with lawyers but the long term plan is to build a new school and once the funding has been secured the project should come to fruition within the next 2 years.

Residents are concerned about how this work will affect Stapleford and its boundaries. The land on Coventry Lane is protected for the use of education and is not dependent on the Green Belt.

Residents in Bramcote want further information about what will happen to Bramcote Leisure Centre.

A resident raised the issue of Bramcote School students discarding litter in to her garden. Paul urged residents to contact the school if they had any concerns about the behaviour of any of their students and he would endeavour to resolve any issues.

A resident suggested that the school organise some litter picks. Contact details for the school are Tel: 0115 916 8900 or email

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

The SHLAA is a catalogue of sites within the borough (gathered through a number of sources) which are assessed on their ability to accommodate housing and the timescale at which housing delivery may be achieved.

The SHLAA is a key piece of evidence used to inform the choices of sites to consider for allocation. The assessment of each sites is made irrespective of the level of housing provision that is needed (ie there are more sites in the SHLAA than needed to meet the housing requirement). Therefore the inclusion of any site in the SHLAA does not guarantee that either planning permission will be granted or that the site will be allocated for residential development.

It was agreed that Councillor John McGrath invite Councillor Richard Jackson to the next meeting to identify and explain any possible SHLAA sites in Stapleford.

ACTION: John to invite Councillor Richard Jackson to the next meeting.

5. Residents’ Concerns

The Aldi development – there is a condition for 10 houses to be built on the site by Aldi before building the supermarket and this is causing delays. Broxtowe Borough Council does not see it as their role to build the houses.

A campaign to build a Community Café/Visitors’ Centre on Bramcote Park is still on-going. There is a steering group leading on this campaign and it was agreed to invite a member of the group to give an update.

ACTION: Richard to invite a member of the Steering Group.

Is Stapleford Carnival still going to take place? Local community groups would like to be involved.

20 million pounds has been released to tackle potholes in roads. Councillors and residents would like to know how much of this money will come to Stapleford and where it will be spent.

ACTION: Invite a local County Councillor to respond to this question, either Cllr John Doddy, John Longden or Richard Jackson.

CEO Ruth Hyde at Broxtowe Borough Council is working with the Helpful Bureau on a funding application for £10,000 for the Helpful Bureau to continue its work in the community.

Parking on Pasture Road is still an issue despite a meeting held on site to look at traffic and parking issues.

A resident raised the issue of double standards by Broxtowe Borough Council in relation to banners being put up at various venues throughout Stapleford. What is the policy on erecting banners?

ACTION: John McGrath to speak to Planning Officers at Broxtowe for guidance.

6. Date of next meeting

Thursday 19 July 2018, venue to be confirmed.

If you have any issues regarding the minutes or if you require them in large print or in audio format please contact Jayne Fletcher – Broxtowe Borough Council, Public Protection on 0115 917 3657

These minutes can be downloaded at:

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