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Stapleford, Your Ideas.

15th September 2018 Broxtowe Borough Council, Local Businesses Tags: , , 1 Comment

What would you like to see in Stapleford?

What are your ideas and aspirations for the High Street?

Stapleford Town Centre


Town Centres

Stapleford Town Centre Management Officers at Broxtowe Borough Council.

You can use the above contact details to send ideas for Stapleford if you have any.

This is the department that will look at your comments and are the ones who contact businesses and try and bring them to Stapleford.

The Officers meet regular with Stapleford Councillors and are working behind the scenes and do speak to many businesses and try to encourage them to come to Stapleford.

But the Council don’t own any of the shops in Stapleford so it’s down to the landlords as to what rent they charge and who they agree and disagree to let rent the properties at the end of the day.

Stapleford has some excellent independent businesses who work so hard along the High Street and they all need you to support them.

People often say they would like a Shoe Shop, Newsagents, Clothes Shop and Fresh Fruit and Veg. Stapleford has had all of these in the past and they all closed due to lack of support and custom.

But if you have any ideas then please feel free to use the above email address and these ideas can be looked into.

Your Broxtowe Borough Councillors are also meeting soon to discuss Stapleford so you can also contact your Borough Councillors if you want to discuss any ideas.

1 Comment

  1. Sarah K 3 years Reply

    I’d like to see more shops like Costa, Holland & Barrett, WHSmiths, Home Bargains, BUT most of all a supermarket! I have 2 children under 5 and I don’t drive yet! I’d like to see a supermarket close by, the bus service is shocking at 1 bus an hour! If my toddler decides to have a nappy incident I have to wait a whole hour for the next bus ????

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