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Thank You For Your Service.

14th October 2018 Stapleford Salvation Army Tags: 3 Comments

We would like to thank Marcus and Jane Mylechreest of the Stapleford Salvation Army.

Today was the last service they will hold in Stapleford.

After 5 years of serving and helping the people of Stapleford they are moving over to Arnold.

What’s sure to be a huge loss to Stapleford will be a great gain to the people of Arnold.

We hope you can all join us in wishing the family all the best and saying a massive thank you as they prepare to move.


  1. Ann R Parker 3 years Reply

    Aah. I didn’t know but the S Army does a grand job. I hope the place isn’t closing altogether

    • staplefordcommunitygroup 3 years Reply

      They are just moving to work at another location. There will be someone else take on the role at Stapleford soon enough.

  2. Jackie Smih 3 years Reply

    I will really miss them. Lovely people who made the word of God accessible to all. Major Marcus moved me to tears on the Square after the Manchester bombing. A great orator – obviously the Lord is with him. Captain Jane is so full of love for everyone. A very great loss for Stapleford. I for one wish them and their lovely family all the very best always x

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