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Minutes of Stapleford Traffic & Transport Meeting, Friday 19th October, 2018

26th October 2018 Stapleford Town Council, Stapleford Traffic and Transport Working Party, Upcoming Events Tags: , 3 Comments

Minutes of Stapleford Traffic & Transport Meeting, Friday 19th October, 2018


Cllrs. Richard Macrae; David Grindell; Dave Pearson; John McGrath; + Teresa Needham; Pauline Parkin


Cllr. Chris Rice

Matters arising from last meeting:-

1) Hickings Lane/Washington Drive junction. A particular company is continuing parking on the pavements/ignoring double yellow lines and even working on vehicles on the pavement. We understand that the traffic warden has received threats and that Broxtowe are no longer policing the area because of this. This is clearly unsatisfactory and Broxtowe should be enforcing the rules.

2) Pinfold Lane. Problems with parking and poor road surface continue. It was felt that now the building of Aldi is going ahead that there was little point trying to secure improvements at the present time, but obviously this needs to be kept in mind and looked at in the future once Aldi has been completed.

3) Problems with Sandicliffe transporter deliveries. These continue to happen from time to time and considered that it may be worth contacting the management again with regards to this.

4) Free parking at Hall’s Road around school start and closure times. No real progress at present.

5) Testing pollution levels on Derby Road. This is the responsibility of Broxtowe Borough Council. TN has information with regard to the necessary equipment needed, which is not particularly expensive and will forward this to RM/DP. Broxtowe to be asked to carry this out, but failing this perhaps the Town Council may be able to purchase the equipment and carry it out with the aid of volunteers.

6) St. John’s school have launched a poster competition with regard to parking in the vicinity of the school.

New items discussed

1) Mckinley Ave twitchell. There is an ongoing problem with this being used by both bicycles and motorcycles. This was raised by residents at CAT meeting. Raise the possibility of barriers being erected to deter this behaviour.

2) With regard to Local Plan Part 2 inquiry and footpaths/greenbelt. RM to forward details of Hemlockstone Trial Association to TN so that she can gather information for this inquiry.

3) DG raised question with regard to the petition for 20 mph speed limit around the Town Centre. It was felt that more detail should be supplied e.g particular areas (Derby Rd.; Church St. Brookhill St. suggested). This to be continued.

4) PP raised question of the humps in Stapleford. It had been requested that a review of traffic in the area be considered but there had been no response from County Council or County Councillors. Perhaps the coming of HS2 may increase the likelihood of some progress. DP pointed out that in the past, even after an independent survey undertaken by the Town Council, the County had insisted that the ‘humps’ would not be removed under any circumstances. Need to keep pressing.

5) PP raised the condition of Bailey Street. Photographs to be obtained and matter take up with VIA.

6) PP questioned the future of the bridge on Derby Rd./Station Rd.; with the advent of HS2. More information to be sought from HS2.

7) Problem with increased parking on Toton Lane since yellow lines put on junctions. Needs to be pursued.

8) Concern expressed over the re-siting of pedestrian crossing on Hickings Lane near to Carpenter Court. It was felt extremely disappointing that Broxtowe had voted to overturn the original planned site following protest from the residents of Carpenter Court, despite the fact that over 300 residents and Stapleford Town Council supported the original location.

9) Warren Ave./Oakfield Rd. junction parking problems to be looked into.

10) Concerns expressed at CAT meeting with regard to cyclists riding on pavements. This had been raised with the police but obviously they could not make this a priority. The likelihood of more of a police presence in the future may go someway to improving this.

11) Possibility of increasing the hours for residents parking on Horace Ave./ William Rd.; explored due to increased parking from customers at Wetherspoon.

12) Residents on Frederick Rd.; had raised question of residents parking. It was felt this could be problematic in view of the fact that residents had in the past requested the removal pf parking restrictions in the first place when a review was undertaken.

Next meeting Friday 18th January 2019


  1. Brian hull 3 years Reply

    It was really good meeting first time I had chance to go will go again some great issues and debate

    • Simon H 3 years Reply

      Never heard of you. Are you one of the Councilors who we start to hear from because it will soon be time to vote.

  2. Linda jayne 3 years Reply

    I would like to know what’s happening with the site where aldis is supposed to be going

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