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HS2 Phase 2b – autumn 2018 consultations

18th November 2018 Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice, Stapleford HS2 Working Group, Stapleford Town Council, Uncategorised, Upcoming Events Tags: , , 11 Comments

Please make sure you take the time to read the documents and take part in the Public Consultation.

At the meeting held at The Haven Centre on Friday 16th November it was mentioned that as the proposals stand at the minute that HS2 will have to close the Bridge between Stapleford and Sandiacre for a period of over a year.

Imagine the impact that will have on our businesses on the High Street.

All the Councillors at the meeting last week raised serious concerns.

As Chair of the Stapleford HS2 Working Group, Councillor Richard MacRae has contacted Stapleford Town Council and requested that a meeting of the group is held on Monday 26th November to discuss matters impacting Stapleford.

This can then be debated at the meeting of Stapleford Town Council on Friday 30th November from 7pm with the idea of formulating a response to send to HS2 as part of the Public Consultation.

There are two HS2 consultations for the section of the route from Crewe to Manchester and West Midlands to Leeds, which is known as Phase 2b.

These consultations are on:

working draft Environmental Statement
that describes the potential environmental effects of building and operating Phase 2b of HS2; as well as proposed ways to avoid, reduce, mitigate and monitor the effects.

working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report
that considers the potential effects of the construction and operation of HS2 Phase 2b on people with protected characteristics.

Both consultations will close at
23:45 on 21 December 2018.

We invite you to take part in these consultations. Feedback will be considered as we further develop our proposals. An Environmental Statement and Equality Impact Assessment Report will then be submitted to Parliament alongside the hybrid Bill in mid-2020.

To support these consultations, we are holding a series of information events from late October to early December 2018. The events will be attended by a range of specialists from HS2 Ltd
and the Department for Transport to guide people through the consultation documents. In addition, reference copies of the consultation documents are available at a number of locations during the consultation period. A full list of the events and information
points is available at

We have also produced a series of videos to introduce and explain the consultations. These are available via the website along with a new interactive tool that has been designed to help people find the information in the working draft Environmental Statement most relevant to them.

For further information on the consultations please
visit our website

To access the consultation documents directly and for details of how to respond to the consultations, please use the following links.

· Working draft Environmental Statement:
· Working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report:


  1. Ann R Parker 3 years Reply

    For a large, detailed and seemingly efficient company, HS2 is rather good at side-lining ‘Oh by the ways. Like, we’re going to close the bridge. Are they providing an alternative? Or do we all have to queu up for a year and pretend its the Dover Calais line after Brexit?

  2. Martin 3 years Reply

    “At the meeting held at The Haven Centre on Friday 16th November it was mentioned that as the proposals stand at the minute that HS2 will have to close the Bridge between Stapleford and Sandiacre for a period of over a year.”
    Who mentioned this?
    It makes no sense. Sounds like scaremongering to me.

    • staplefordcommunitygroup 3 years Reply

      It was mentioned by the representatives from HS2 who were giving the presentation and answering questions.

    • Pauline 3 years Reply

      If you read the literature provided at the roadshows (and online) it is clear that it isn’t scaremongering. The viaduct section will take at least 4 years 5 months, affecting the area from Stapleford through Stanton Gate and Trowell. It is clearly stated that the following bus routes will be affected/ and diverted:
      Two, my15, i4, 111 – not to mention the 20/21. Changes to the A52 will be required, which may find more people travelling through the town to avoid this. AND this is only the tip of the iceberg – it’s horrendous; especially for those who live nearer the project.
      Personally I have still to be convinced of it’s value in terms of time saving (due to connections), job creation (commuters work long days and generally either shop online or wherever the nearest exit finds a supermarket (possibly not Stapleford) + the books clearly state jobs for locals IF THEY ARE SUITABLY QUALIFIED). The loss of home value (despite the spin that the compensation is good) and having leave your community, damage to nature reserves, footpaths, and green areas is ERNORMOUS. You might be right that the area MIGHT prosper eventually, but you can expect the complete opposite for many years to come + lose many valuable things in the process. Think of what good things this vast amount of money could be spent on if the scheme was abandoned.

  3. Dr Paul Rodmell 3 years Reply

    Project management, is about solving , com on HS2 step up and offer something better, after all you are building a better north/south and a few feet east/west is impossible?

  4. Judith 3 years Reply

    How are patients of Hillside Medical Centre (opposite Ryecroft Street) going to get to Adam House (the main surgery, in Sandiacre) if they are sent there and don’t have their own transport? At the moment I hop on a number 4; so far as I can see it will involve four different buses each way for people who have difficulty walking, if the bridge is closed.

  5. Martin 3 years Reply

    “as the proposals stand at the minute that HS2 will have to close the Bridge between Stapleford and Sandiacre for a period of over a year.”

    Have today returned from the Public Consultation at West Park Leisure Centre, and the above is not true.

    Work will need to be done to raise the HS2 line to lessen flooding risk and to raise the bridge on Derby Rd crossing the lines. The time allocated to this work is approx 1 year. THIS DOES NOT MEAN Derby Rd will be shut for 1 year. The site is still being assessed, and one possibility mentioned by the engineers I spoke to is that a second bridge will be created alongside the existing one whilst it gets replaced.

    There will be times where the road needs to be closed, but as with other major infrastructure projects these occasions will be overnight and/or weekends.

    • staplefordcommunitygroup 3 years Reply

      That is not what was told by HS2 at a meeting in Stapleford. They clearly said the Road will be closed as the bridge needs to be demolished and a new one built in its place. The meeting was attended by many residents and Councillors who all heard what was said.

      • Martin 3 years Reply

        What you’ve written is not contradicting anything I have just mentioned. I repeat – I spoke to the engineer who will be planning this particular piece of work and he specifically stated that Derby Road would NOT be closed for a year whilst the existing bridge is being replaced.

        As the Working Draft Environmental Statement Vol.2 states on p236 (I’ve got it in front of me because I picked it up at the meeting), “temporary alternate routes for public rights of way would be provided during construction… where either the existing or final proposed route is not available.

        For example, there already is space alongside the existing bridge for a temporary bridge stretching from the the site of the old Palace Cinema on the Stapleford side to the Megavaux scrapyard on the Sandiacre side. I saw this type of temporary bridge built during the works on the M6 Toll Road north of Cannock to ensure that traffic continued to flow, and there was absolutely no indication at today’s consultation that Derby Road would be closed for anything longer than the timeframes mentioned due to how critical Derby Road is as a route.

        • staplefordcommunitygroup 3 years Reply

          Thank you for the comments. And it would be good if that is correct. As mentioned at the HS2 event held in Stapleford they did say it would be closed whilst works take place.

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