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Person taken to hospital after early morning car crash

2nd December 2018 Latest News, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , 7 Comments

A person was taken to hospital after a two car crash in Stapleford during the early hours of Sunday, December 2.

Firefighters from the town and Long Eaton were called to the incident in Brookill Street at about 2.50am, along with paramedics from the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

A spokesman for the fire service said crews used ‘small tools’ to get the person out of the car. They were then taken to hospital.

Later in the morning, crews from Stockhill fire station were sent to reports of a car fire in Huxley Close, Bilborough.

Firefighters used two hose reels to bring the fire under control.

The service believes the fire was started deliberately and have informed Nottinghamshire Police.

By Matthew Bunn, Nottingham Post


  1. Jamie 3 years Reply

    Are we actually going to do anything about this yet? Or does another person have to die? Or are you waiting for someone’s child to be taken from them? Because if that does happen the community will not back down till something has been done about it, and blame the people who are supposed to be helping us!

    • staplefordcommunitygroup 3 years Reply

      The County Councillors that cover Stapleford is Councillor John Doddy and John Longdon. You could email them and please let us know if you get s response as we never do.

    • Simone 3 years Reply

      The road is a nightmare, my neighbours and our cars have already been hit while parked all due down to speed.
      No one is particularly interested even with all the incidents that have happened.

      • staplefordcommunitygroup 3 years Reply

        Councillors John McGrath and Richard MacRae have mentioned this lots of times at various meetings. Unfortunately the County Councillors are not interested. Please email Councillors John Doddy and John Longdon and let us know if they respond as they constantly ignore our email and email from other Councillors and the Town Council.

  2. Stapleford resident. 3 years Reply

    Some people use it as a dragstrip, whazz a couple of cameras there, or even just speed set flashguns to scare them into behaving properly on the road.

  3. Nic 3 years Reply

    It’s like no one is bothered how many people, kids have to get injured or killed before this is sorted I have never seen a street so bad for speeding and as for emailing councillors they won’t do anything it’s all about money even a few speed cameras would be a start, but we get a few signs saying its 30 for a reason, any one listen to that obviously not.

  4. Loretta Anderson 3 years Reply

    Somethimg needs doing this is my partner. Who was in this accidemt and lucky to be alive. It was bad enough waking me kids 3 yo daughter and a 14 week old daughter. To go hospital. But if he didnt. Make it. Hpw would i explain that to me kids. Something needs doing.

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