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Stapleford Councillors On The High Street.

19th January 2019 Councillor Richard MacRae, Stapleford Community Group, Stapleford Town Council Tags: , , , 2 Comments

Stapleford Councillors John McGrath, Jan Goold and Richard MacRae spent the morning on the High Street in Stapleford today.

Not only were they collecting names on the 20MPH PETITION they also spoke to Residnets about a load of local issues too.

The state of the High Street, HS2, businesses opening and closing and Parking were some of the issues raised with the Councillors. Also discussed was the lack of Community Facilites and the need for a Community Hub.

Lots of concerns were raised about the rise in Bike thefts just lately too and the poor state of the Roads and Pavements in the area. Many people commented it’s okay repainting the Double Yellow Lines but the Roads are still rubbish underneath.

People are also sad that Lloyds Bank is closing at the end of this month leaving the High Street without a Bank.


  1. Evan Harvey 3 years Reply

    As a cyclist I really notice the difference in the quality of the roads. While smooth tarmac is a rarity in any borough, the borough of Broxtowe has notably worse roads than anywhere else that I cycle. I’m one of the people that had their bike nicked and while it is annoying that the police don’t have the resources to follow this up, it’s not really a local issue. The central government slash 20k coppers around the country and crime is rising nationally. All we can do is stop voting for the Tories and their cuts so that all crime can be investigated.

  2. Many years ago, and for a long while I was a member of Broxtowe neighborhood my area. Only reason being was because the co-coordinator from Broxtowe could not get anyone at the time to cover my street.

    There were problems from a gang of youths from outside my area which we dealt with. help from the County police and my neighbours. I had an idea that would help the problems we were having,at the time, and took my idea to an area neighborhood watch meeting.. I was politely listened too and my idea was not taken on.

    Communication problem between the City and County police. Explanation—-
    (Short version,) A gang of youths from outside our area, were causing damage to property and did assault one of my neighbours.. One of the trouble makers ran down my neighbours path to break through his fence into a car park on the Broxtowe country park. Sadly for him he was not aware there was barbed wire on the other side of the fence to deter people breaking into the rear of my neighbours property.

    County police came out and helped sort the problem out. Later two officers from Radford road police station in the city, came out,because they had a complaint, that someone had been assaulted on my crescent. What had happened,was that one of the group , had ran down my neighbors garden path, smashed through his garden fence, and come to grief on some barbed wire on the other side, that was there to protect his property.

    Do we need more police? I am not so sure about that. What we need in Broxtowe are more councillors that can work together, like the ones out and about with Cllr Richard MacRae. in Stapleford to highlight what their community problems are and action them.


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