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Inspector Simon Riley’s Blog: January 2019

1st February 2019 Help & Advice, Inspector Simon Riley's Blog, Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: 2 Comments

I’m going to start this month’s blog with updates on the two serious crimes that have made the media during January and which I know have caused some concern amongst the community, particularly in Beeston.

Firstly, the serious assault on a female walking her dog in Beeston Fields Park on January 11th. Richard PICKWORTH, 56, was charged with Attempted Murder and is currently on prison remand until his next court appearance on 11th February.

Whilst this was undoubtedly an horrific incident and a terrible experience for the lady concerned, this kind of incident is still mercifully very rare – particularly on this borough.

As I said in my media communications at the time, this was an entirely isolated incident and not one which forms part of a series – and there is no residual risk to the public in the area or using the park.

My thoughts and best wishes are obviously with the lady who was attacked, as she recovers from her ordeal.

Thankfully, her injuries were not life threatening or life-altering and she has been receiving support from CID and neighbourhoods teams locally.

Finally in respect of this incident, I am linked in with the leader of the borough council, Cllr Richard Jackson, to ensure that any wider issues arising from a community perspective are addressed and that all relevant partners are engaged in the process.

On Wednesday this week (Jan 30th) the ONYX jewellers in Beeston was subject of an armed robbery.

A lone male offender threatened staff with a small handgun and made off with an amount of jewellery.

Mercifully, no-one was injured.

Armed police attended the scene, but despite their best efforts, the offender was not located. CID officers are investigating the incident and an increased number of high visibility patrols have been tasked in and around the town centre.

A media appeal has also been made, with a cctv image of the offender being shared.

The appeal and the image can be found here;

Please take a look at the photograph and if anyone does know who the male pictured is, then please let us know by calling 101 and quoting incident number 0509-30012019.

Staff Changes

This month we have welcomed a new member to the team at Broxtowe South. Pc Paul Humphries has joined us from the Response team at West Bridgford and will be taking up post as a beat manager at Stapleford.

Paul brings a wealth of experience and I know he is very keen to get stuck into his new role. We are very glad to have him and look forward to him becoming an integral part of the neighbourhoods team on Broxtowe South.

This month has also seen a change in the shift patterns of the local teams.

This is a forcewide change which sees all neighbourhoods teams in the county working the same shift pattern.

What this means locally is that all of the team on Broxtowe South now work the same shifts, likewise the team at Broxtowe North, but at opposite ends of the shift pattern to each other.

There will always be one of the teams on duty on any given day, but this may mean that at times your local team may all be on a rest day.

However, should there be an issue that needs addressing on Broxtowe South when the Broxtowe South team is on a rest day, for instance, then the increased number of officers who would be on at Broxtowe North means that there is greater flexibility for officers to be deployed from there to cover on the South.

Additional positives of this move include having a whole team on at a time, meaning that if I need to deploy a greater number of officers into an area to tackle a particular incident or problem, then I have a bigger pool of NPT officers available to me at any given time.

It also means that there is more scope for having officers deployed into high visibility patrols on their areas and I am already receiving feedback that the increased visibility has been noticed and is appreciated.

Unfortunately it doesn’t mean I have more officers per se, but it does mean more available when a particular team is on duty and allows us to work a bit smarter in respect of our priorities.

Acquisitive Crime, Stapleford

Since Christmas we have been experiencing a higher than usual number of break-ins to sheds and garages in Stapleford and a slight increase in dwelling burglaries and auto-crime.

Please ensure that you are vigilant around security of your property and make it more difficult for thieves to steal from you.

The Neighbourhoods team still have a number of crime prevention measures available to them and if you feel that your property is particularly at risk and would benefit from some additional security measures then please contact one of the team at Beeston, who will be only too happy to help.

As part of their patrols in the area, they do try and identify vulnerable properties and will proactively make approaches to homeowners/tenants to see if they would like to take advantage of the additional measures we can offer.

Afternoon and evening patrol activity is currently focussed in the Stapleford area in regard to this increase in acquisitive crime.

We are currently working with our local intelligence officers to identify who we think is responsible and I am confident that we will soon be making arrests.

As always, if anyone has any information, please share it with us, by calling 101 or speaking to one of the local team.

Their contact details can be found on the relevant neighbourhood page on the force website.

Communication / Engagement Update

The force website is currently being reviewed and you will soon begin to see a whole host of changes in the coming months.

We will be moving to a national template in terms of how the website is constructed, improving the user experience and the quality of the information available to our communities.

The idea is that the new pages will be more intuitive and more informative and much more easy to navigate, so if you log on one day and find something completely different-looking to that which is there now, don’t be alarmed, it’s not broken, it’s just new!

My monthly blog may also look slightly different along with the monthly priority updates.

More information will be made available on this as we progress.

Winter Safety Advice

Inevitably, because of the time of year, there is an increased risk of cold, icy temperatures and wintry weather.

Please ensure you read the advice contained in the link below.

This includes a section on winter driving.

Planning really does make a difference to your safety, so please read on.

Drink/Drug Drive Campaign Final Update

A total of 166 people were arrested during a Christmas crackdown on drink and drug drivers in Nottinghamshire.

Of those arrested, 104 drivers were charged to court, 46 were released under investigation and 16 were released with no further action.

The total arrests figure is an increase on the two previous Christmas campaigns in Nottinghamshire which resulted in 109 arrests in 2017/18 and 112 in 2016/17.

I would echo the comments of Sergeant Phil Broughton from our Specialist Roads Policing Team, when he said, “It’s extremely disappointing to see, despite our repeated warnings, that so many people got behind the wheel on Nottinghamshire’s roads while under the influence of drink or drugs.

Sadly there will always be some people who do take the risk and by doing so put their own lives and the lives of others in danger.

The decision to drive while you’re under the influence of drink or drugs takes just a split second, but the consequences could last a lifetime.

The consequences for those who take the risk and break the law can be massive and life-changing in terms of the loss of their job, relationship and freedom to drive.

However the most costly of consequences are for those who find themselves mixed up in drink or drug drive incidents where a loved one is lost. Driving while affected by drink or drugs is wholly unacceptable and a crime.”

Drink and drug drivers will not be tolerated on Nottinghamshire’s roads.

Our joint campaign was about educating drivers of the risks but was also about stopping those who flout the laws from being able to take to Nottinghamshire’s roads and keeping road users safe.

In that regard the campaign has been a success and a number of people now face driving disqualifications, substantial fines and even being sent to prison as a result of our activity and their actions.

We will be relentless in pursuing those who think it’s acceptable to drive while affected by drink or drugs and any drivers who commit offences throughout our region can expect to be dealt with robustly.

That’s all for this month. Have a great February!


  1. Julie Cave 3 years Reply

    Last Saturday morning approx 3.45 am, I witnessed a person on Edward Street Stapleford going in people’s drives and looking in people’s gardens, I rang the police but am disappointed that no one came out, I saw him again approx 30 mins later, and rang again to say where he was, but still no one came, my neighbour has a good cctv image of him, but when I rang the next day, they didn’t seem to be interested, I know it doesn’t prove anything but it at least would give the police an idea of who was entering gardens, especially as there has been a number of thefts in the area

  2. Judy Sleath 3 years Reply

    Nothing at all said about all the bike thefts in Beeston. When are you going to do something about this?

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