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Thank goodness for my caring neighbours and friends! Things could have been a lot worse

4th February 2019 Help & Advice, Latest News, Stapleford Fire Station Tags: 0 Comments

Last night quick thinking Neighbours helped save what could have been a different story we were now writing.

The following message is off the resident who’s House this happened at last night.

“Thank goodness for my caring neighbours and friends! Things could have been a lot worse.

Everyone should have a fire blanket and electrical extinguisher at home.

Fortunately my neighbour had one.

House stinks of smoke but no one hurt!

Stapleford Fire Station Crew were fantastic.

Cars parked on the drive was a problem and some lost wing mirrors when fire engine arrived.”

In light of the above please have a read of the following, it makes such a huge difference.

How much do you think before you park?

Have you ever considered how much room a fire engine will need to get through?

The answer is roughly 3 metres, or approximately the width of two cars.

You don’t want to be the one who delays our crews in getting to a potentially life-threatening emergency because we can’t get through do you?

So, next time you park, remember:
* Don’t park too close to corners.
* Remember the 3-metre rule when parking opposite someone.
* Park as close to the kerb as you can.
* Obey road markings such as yellow lines and box junctions.
* Never park on the yellow markings outside our fire stations.

The Dish Washer was a 10 year old Hotpoint.

When we asked if we could write this article we were told,

“Yes of course. Must stress that having caring neighbours had really helped too.”

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