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Safe Disposal Of Sharps Boxes.

8th February 2019 Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard MacRae, Help & Advice Tags: , , 2 Comments

Recently a number of Sharps Boxes were reported as left out on the estate which raised serious concerns.

Councillor Richard MacRae reported that he had not only organised the collection and safe disposal of these discarded boxes he then contacted the Council to find out what was the procedure for people to dispose of them.

Finding out that the Health Centre was no longer a drop off point he was also contacted by several residents who also didn’t know what to do with them after the Health Centre no longer accepted them.

Several phone calls and several emails later Broxtowe Borough Council have now updated the information on the website which you can find below.

We hope this information will mean that no more Sharps Boxes will be left out on our Streets.

Sharps Collection

An orange or yellow lidded sharps box requiring a clinical waste collection is provided to patients by their Health Specialist.

A formal referral from a Health Specialist for the collection of your box is not required.

Residents requiring a sharps collection will be required to complete and return to the Council the Sharps Collection Form (.pdf) (59.7KB) (Opens in a New Window) before a collection will be provided.

Once the proforma has been received you will be added to our collection list.

As a collection of a sharps box is not normally needed on a weekly basis you should contact the Council to arrange a collection at least one week before a collection is required.

Your Health Specialist will need to continue to supply you with a replacement box.

A replacement box will not be left by the Council on collection day.

To arrange a sharps collection please contact 0115 917 7777.


  1. Ann R Parker 3 years Reply

    This sound like very complicated way of economizing!
    But thanks to ‘St Richard for sorting it out.

  2. phil bestwick 3 years Reply

    ann, its prob something to do money! health centre not insured perhaps ,what crazy country we have no
    common sense!

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