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Keeping Stapleford Clean and Tidy.

2nd March 2019 Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Richard MacRae Tags: , 1 Comment

What an amazing morning in Stapleford as the A-Team worked hard at the Victoria Street Car Park.

From 8am until 1pm the team worked none stop as 100s of people came along in vehicles and also on foot to dispose of bulky waste items from all over Stapleford.

Soon filling up one Dustbin Truck which had to be changed over for a 2nd vehicle.

By the end of the session in Stapleford the 2nd Dustbin Truck had also been filled up.

Lots of Bikes had been taken along too.

There was over 60 Mattresses as well as Chairs, Beds and so much more.

Glass Recycling Bags were also handed out and these will also be available to collect from the Carnegie Hall Warren Avenue Stapleford, Monday to Friday between 1130am and 130pm.

The Box Van was also filled with scrap metal items from Fridges and Freezers down to smaller items.

An excellent morning had by all and many people who came along asked could this become a regular thing.

Councillor Richard MacRae who joined in helping out said he would like to thank Broxtowe Borough Council and the Council Workers who worked none stop and appreciates all the hard work they do in helping keep Stapleford Clean and Tidy.

1 Comment

  1. FT 3 years Reply

    It’s a very good idea, as proven by the usage today.
    Erewash do the same and that also has been a great success.
    It may even stop fly tipping although I wouldn’t bank on it.
    If these days are well advertised in the future then I’m sure they will be very successful.
    It’s not very often the council get praise so where they do it’s worth repeating.
    Thank you

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