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Please Help Us To Help Others.

22nd March 2019 Stapleford Community Group, Surplus Food Donations Tags: , 1 Comment

As many of you know we collect Surplus Food Donations from local Supermarkets and then pass on the donations to those in need.

To date we have collected approximately just over 15,000 equivalent meals worth of surplus food, this would have otherwise gone in the bin.

All of this food has been distributed by us to many local residents as well as local groups and organisations and local Childcare Nurseries as well as complexes where the older generations live as well as a local Homelessness charity.

We have also supplied local food banks as well as street kitchens too.

It’s not just food though, as by working with local charities we have been able to get clothing and footwear for those in need.

We have also donated Sleeping Bags to homeless people and would like to keep doing this, again it comes down to storage.

But we want to do more, much more.

We have several more local shops and supermarkets who have offered us the opportunity to collect surplus food but unfortunately we are unable to collect this, but with your help we will be able to do just that. Which means we will then be able to help more people.

So what can you do to help.

We need storage space, we have space we can use but need to have it made level and then build a storage until, we have been quoted £2,000 to have this done.

We also need to eventually purchase a van as the car we have been using is starting to become damaged due to the amount of use it receives and it’s not made for the job we use it for.

So if we can raise a further £10,000 we can purchase a suitable van.

So we are asking can you help us to raise the £12,000 target we have set.

Yes it’s a lot of money to raise but we are sure with your help and support we can do this which in turn will mean we can help many more people by being able to collect more food and get it to those in need.

You can make a donation by clicking here and we would like to thank you in advance for supporting us and helping us to help others.

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  1. Brilliant work!!!

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