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Stapleford Town Council Friday 17th May 2019

20th May 2019 Stapleford Town Council Tags: 2 Comments

The first meeting of Stapleford Town Council for the new administration.

At this meeting Councillor Ray Darby was elected the Mayor of Stapleford and Councillor Richard MacRae was elected the Deputy Mayor of Stapleford.


  1. Grenville Green 3 years Reply

    Congratulations one and all on your first meeting. Regarding involving the General Public. These videos help keep the general public in the loop.

  2. Grenville Green 3 years Reply

    About the 27 minute marker.. Who is the Councillor who voted against the majority. Reason being she was concerned that if she did not know the person personally. She may be voting for someone who everyone knows is the scum of the Tow. Lovely lady NOT. Which political group voted for her and why?

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