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Air Quality In Stapleford by Teresa Needham, Broxtowe Green Party.

4th June 2019 Green Party Tags: , 1 Comment

Appologies for my camera work but please see my video on air quality in Stapleford to mark world Environment day on Wednesday 5th June.

Teresa Needham Broxtowe Green Party

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1 Comment

  1. Grenville Green 2 years Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS Teresa Needham for monitoring the Air Pollution in Stapleford.
    From memory,before Ruth Hyde OBE took office, Broxtowe sent out an Air Quality questioner. Which I believe was sent to every household, business Town and Parish council to take part in their very important “Air Quality Survey” which may help to improve the air we breath.
    Very few questionnaires were returned, and I was informed later it was a “Red Herring” meaning to me the survey was just window dressing and something the authority needed to do to comply with some sort of EU Clean Air Directive.
    I remember something called a “Diffusion Tube Sampler” that was fixed to the rear of County Batteries. in Nuthall. This tube was well away from the main road, and well below the M1 motorway which is high up and to the rear of County Batteries.
    There must be something on file in the offices of Broxtowe, about this important “Air Quality Survey”

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