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Stapleford Planters Recieved A Quick Tidy Up.

27th June 2019 Stapleford Community Group Tags: 0 Comments

What an ideal day to do a bit of weeding at the Stapleford Planters.

Thank you to the Leader of Stapleford Town Council, Councillor Ella Kearney who popped along this evening to help with a spot of weeding.

We spent some time earlier this evening tidying up the area and removed six bags of weeds, fag ends, drug bags and other rubbish that people have left among the plants.

The middle area has been left to grow wild, we do need to try and get some colour back into the planters and in the past had planted Heathers which were sadly stolen from the area.

When the Tulips and Poppies flower the area looks so nice, but a bit more colour at other times would look brilliant.

If you have any ideas please let us know.

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