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HS2 minister to meet Broxtowe community to discuss new plans .

16th July 2019 Councillor Richard MacRae, Latest News, Upcoming Events, Updates from Politicians Tags: 4 Comments

HS2 minister Nus Ghani has agreed to meet Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry and members of the local community to discuss alternative plans for the high-speed rail link through the borough.

Campaigners successfully overturned plans for a 60-foot viaduct in the region, but new plans unveiled would see 20 homes demolished.

Soubry said: “I campaigned against a 60-foot viaduct that HS2 Ltd was planning to build through the village of Trowell to deliver HS2.

“I am pleased that it has abandoned that plan but its alternative, which is a cutting, means that 20 more homes will be demolished and does not solve the problem of the real economic and environmental damage that will be caused.

“The alternative and best way to deliver HS2, including the East Midlands hub at Toton sidings, is a tunnel.”

Ms Ghani replied: “I know the Right Hon. Lady will use every opportunity to campaign, even through petitioning, to ensure that the voices of her constituents are heard.

“HS2 is committed to ensuring that it mitigates any impact and to working with local communities, but I am, of course, more than happy to sit down with the Right hon. Lady and those from her communities to discuss this.”


  1. Val Leyland 2 years Reply

    When will this happen?

  2. P parkin 2 years Reply

    It is about time the people of Stapleford had been told about the
    Bridge between Stapleford and Sandiacre. The impact of not being able to use the bridge and no temporary bridge, being put at this location, we all need access to both.

  3. Wendy Brown 2 years Reply

    Where can we see the new plans?

    • staplefordcommunitygroup 2 years Reply

      Try Stapleford Library.

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